Defending the Independent Baker

by Nick Pyle
Independent Bakers Association
I would like you to consider joining the Independent Bakers Association. IBA is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association of mostly family owned wholesale bakeries and allied industry trades.
The association was founded in 1968 with several goals in mind. IBA was formed to protect the interests of independent wholesale bakers from antitrust and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions. It also pressures Congress to support market-oriented farm commodity programs. And it seeks representation to consider federal labor, tax and environmental law.
IBA is not afraid to tackle the tough issues affecting you and the industry; issues such as slotting fees, the low-carb issue, the retention of grains at the base of the Food Guide Pyramid, national uniformity for food labeling, and genetically modified wheat.
In addition, IBA played a leading role in re-opening the Environmental Protection Agency’s refrigeration rule, which reduced EPA refrigerant fines from $10,000 to $250.
The association publishes a monthly newsletter updating Washington legislative and regulatory actions and analyzing pro-business positions affecting wholesale baking, allied industry operations.
As a member, you will receive a monthly “Legislative and Regulatory Update,” which recaps IBA’s activities on major congressional legislation and regulatory proposals affecting bakers and suppliers. We also produce “Bagel Bits,” a bi-monthly publication updating members on news regarding the bagel industry. IBA has a well-stocked library of corporate regulatory compliance manuals for member purchase, and we send out bi-weekly press releases to our Internet members.
As a member of IBA, you will play a crucial role in legislation that directly impacts your business. The association monitors a wide spectrum of priority issues and actively lobbies in support of industry positions as they are considered in the U.S. Congress and government agencies.
The association convenes three times a year in Washington, D.C., in the Southeast and on the West Coast to enable bakers and allied industry representatives to tackle vital issues and develop strategies to enhance industry interests. IBA members attend at no charge.
Our next meeting will be the Winter Membership Meeting to be held Feb. 13-15, 2005, at The Breakers, Palm Beach, Fla. If you are interested in receiving information on the meeting and on supplier showcase opportunities, please do not hesitate to call Ann Parnow at the IBA office at 1-202-333-8190. I look forward to your active participation in our organization.