Overbag Multiple Bread Loaves With the Formost Multi-loaf Bagger From Formost Packaging Machines, Inc. pre-bagged Loaves Feed Directly From Existing Bread Baggers. After the Bags Have Passed Through the Closure Unit, Individual Loaves are Accumulated on the Multi-loaf Bagger Infeed Conveyor. Specially Designed Paddles Move the Loaf Into the bag With a Gentle Hand-like Motion. Other Benefits are Product Control, Gentle Product Handling, Dependability, Continued Parts and Service Support — Ensuring Product Quality. 1-425-483-9090.
Campbell Wrapper Corp. introduces two new innovations — Pioneer ServoFlo Horizontal Wrapper with AB controls and high-speed Legacy Electronic Horizontal Wrapper with Indramat drive and controls. The machines feature digital film feed servo drive, sanitary modular design, quick changeover, servo cutting head drive for accurate cutoff and touch-screen controls. 1-920-983-7100.
Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems introduces the newly developed Simplex High-Speed Bag Hanger. The system automatically picks, opens, fills and discharges pre-made, flat-bottom, side-gusseted bags. An innovative bag-handling design results in a 40% rate increase over conventional bag hangers. Additionally, the simplified bag opening mechanism reduces setup, changeover and maintenance time. 1-920-983-7100.
Circle Packaging’s newV22S Dry/Solid Products pouching machine works at speeds up to 500 packages per minute. Circle incorporates Allen-Bradley drive and control systems to increase speed and efficiency on this full servo vertical machine. The control system minimizes operator changeover time and is available for many dry/solid product applications. 1-920-983-3420.

MIWE America LLC
 presents an air-control system for its roll-in rack oven. The volume of air is controlled through the variable opening of a louver between the baking chamber and the heat exchanger compartment. The robust louver offers several benefits — closing without delay, not blowing steam through the heat exchanger (saving 10% heat energy), less water is necessary and air speed in the bake chamber can be adjusted to suit the baking needs of each specific product in phases throughout the bake cycle. 1-908-904-0221.
APV Baker announces its plan to offer custom die coatings in addition to its existing die coating formulations. In addition to stock coating options and technology, APV Baker manufactures its own equipment dies as well as dies for competitors in order to help bakers maximize productivity. 1-616-784-3111.

SIMPLEX Bucket Elevators from Meyer Machine offer spill-free handling of a wide range of dry materials. All SIMPLEX models feature an overlapping bucket design and inverted “V” lip to eliminate product buildup and the need for unsanitary brushes. Combined with extra-long, heavy-duty pivot pins, Meyer’s exclusive “positive bucket control” feature maintains buckets in their proper orientation, eliminating premature dumps and spills. 1-210-736-1811.

The latest model of O/K International’s T-PAKTM 550 system is equipped with a flat conveyor and a foam compression belt. A bag of product travels down the conveyor and under the foam compression belt, which removes excess air without harming the product. The bag then enters the OK Supersealer to get the “perfect seal.” 1-800-521-2908.

Wenger Manufacturing, Inc., offers an extruder system for processing food products that couples a back pressure valve (BPV) with an external density chamber (EDC). This new External Density Management System (EDMS) allows increased capacity over vented configurations by as much as 25 to 50 percent. The BPV is mounted on the end of the extruder just prior to the final die. As a result, the operator can adjust specific mechanical energy (SME) and extrusion pressure on-line for control of critical product properties, including bulk density, shape definition, size and uniformity of cell structure, shape definition and water and fat absorption. The new EDC allows the desired pressures to be externally maintained in the knife enclosure by a special airlock through which the product discharges. That reduces product “flash-off expansion, increases density and allows the operator to better control fat absorption properties. The innovative EDMS will be available on a wide variety of Wenger extrusion processing systems, including both single and twin screw extruders.
Hinds-Bock Corp. introduces servo driven pump fillers in single or multiple spout/pump models, ideal for “flowable” products like sauces, jellies and more. Servo controllers make changeover quick and easy from one size container to another, eliminating the need to change parts. Hinds-Bock provides fillers, depositors, transfer pumps and icers for food and bakery applications along with other automation like conveyors, de-nesters, heat-sealers and lidders. 1-877-292-5715. 

MIWE America LLC introduces its condo line of electric artisan baking deck ovens — the perfect size for retail applications. The condo is available in one, two and four pans per deck configurations, from one to five decks. It can be mounted on a stand with cooling rack and castors or mounted on a proof box. Each deck on the condo is independent, allowing for different temperatures and bake times in each deck. Each deck comes with MIWE FP controls, 30 bake programs, 10 preset program keys, five bake phases in each program, separate top and bottom heat controls along with intensity controls and automatic morning startup. A computer interface is standard, ideal for storing programs on a laptop or PC. 1-908-904-0221.

Now even better is the quick, convenient, powerful and economical BDW-1-HD from Douglas Machines Corp. This model is easy to install and designed for the washing and sanitation of food soils from barrels, drums and other reusable containers up to 26 in. in diameter by 38 in. tall. The efficient machine features a rugged hinged-door design, heavy-duty 7.5-hp pump and compact, 49-in. width. New product innovations, such as a push-button control and information center incorporating a digital monitoring display, also are featured. Options available include a protruding spray nozzle for bunged-hole barrels and electric, gas or steam heating. Circulating water is pumped through high-velocity, stainless-steel “V” jets designed to cut and remove stubborn soils. Its average wash/rinse cycle is five minutes with economical cleanup. 1-800-331-6870.

Developed especially for bakery applications are new 7.5-in. Sideflexing Flat Top belts from Intralox. The belts facilitate convenient retrofits of high-maintenance steel chains and fragile plastic chains on curved conveyors. Plants now can easily install a single Sideflexing belt in tough conveying applications to significantly reduce belt downtime, maintenance and belt replacement costs. The belts feature a tabbed hold-down system in various widths to ensure that this new solution fits a variety of conveyor tracks. Other benefits include plastic surfaces that eliminate pan wear, zero metal contamination, no lubrication required, less noise production than with metal chains, minimum turning radius of 24 in. and same-day lead time. The belts are pre-boxed in 10-ft. lengths, ready to ship. 1-800-535-8848.
Christy Machine Co. offers a collection of versatile dispensers that offer a vast range of deposit solutions. 360° Coaters precisely control coatings of 360° or 720° of cylindrical, flat or spherical products. Flex-Top Coaters manage the dispensing of easily separated, granular, cohesive materials, such as grated Parmesan cheese. Roll-Top Dispensers control thick, heavy, cohesive materials, and Round-Top dispensers manage spot depositing on rounded targets or individual round depositors. Bottom coaters dispense coatings for the bottom of products such as cookies. Christy solves many material dispensing requirements in thousands of applications and is an expert in the top-coating and surface-coating fields. 1-888-332-6451.

New Mold-to-Width Radius belts from Intralox are developed to equip pan line curves and facilitate easy retrofits of high-maintenance steel or plastic chains. The new belts allow plants to specify a single, durable belt for both straight runs and curves. Features are a minimum turning radius of 18 in., elimination of pan wear, rod support across the full width of the belt to prevent breakage, no metal contamination and no lubrication necessary. Other innovations are new Series 2400 Raised Rib belts for pan and product handling and EZ Roller Retrofit Solutions for package and box-handling lines. 1-800-535-8848.

The FW-3400 Fuji-Formost Alpha V form/fill/seal wrapper from Formost showcases the latest in speed, versatility and dependability. The system provides neat, tight packages and strong, quality seals. Its innovative design and advanced technology, including color-graphic, touch-screen communications and control, increase flexibility and production with advantages such as high-speed wrapping and quick, easy changeovers. Features include the capability to network systems for reading data from the wrapper. Built for speed, the Fuji-Formost Alpha V is a productivity leader in any wrapping operation. 1-425-483-9090.
Schaaf is setting the standard in newly developed embossing machines. Unlike the conventional pillow former, the embossing machine can produce and form “pillows” (filled strands with the ends pressed closed) in the shape of squares, rectangles, triangles, hearts, mini-sticks, almond shapes and more. Schaaf offers extrusions plants where two to four filled strands are produced simultaneously, depending on extruder capacity. Strands traveling from the extruder are fed into the embossing machine and formed according to the shaping set installed. New shaping tools can handle extrudiate with various textures preventing product from bursting or leaking. Other features are a 5.5 KW Spur-Geared 3-Phase Motor, a fan to prevent condensation from forming,  varied roller speed and a switch and control panel.
Spiromatic announces a revolutionary, new in-line cooling process for bulk flour and ingredient systems called Spirocool. This process uses chilled water to cool flour or ingredients. Innovative technology cools down warm bulk products like flour. The
Spirocool system has an extremely low operating cost for a homogeneous and high level of cooling (delta t = or higher as 20°C) of the flour. No contact with injected air or other mediums guarantee an unchanged flour quality. After cooling, flour is very light and ideal for mixing with other ingredients. This system can adjust to any new or existing flour- or ingredient-handling system and features a dry-air generator that prevents condensation.
Simplex Bucket Elevators from Meyer Machine offer spill-free handling of a wide range of dry materials. All Simplex models feature an overlapping bucket design and an inverted V lip to eliminate product build-up and the need for unsanitary brushes.  Combined with extra-long, heavy-duty pivot pins, Meyer’s exclusive “Positive Bucket Control” feature maintains buckets in their proper orientation, eliminating premature dumps and spills. 1-210-736-1811.  
Wirebelt, a leading developer of advanced belting solutions, offers the EZSplice System. Designed to increase the strength and life of Wirebelt’s Flat-Flex open-mesh, stainless-steel wire belting, the system includes an innovative conveyor belt-splicing strand, profiling pliers and simple belt-splicing instructions. Each EZSplice strand is a preformed, custom-shaped wire strand designed explicitly to join a specific Flat-Flex belt together, ensuring joint strength and preventing premature wire belt breaks that can occur at weak splices or joints. Rapid installation, easy preventive maintenance and rapid on-line repair are also features. 1-800-922-2637.

Uniformly apply salt or dry seasonings to snacks, nuts and crackers using Heat and Control’s Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser. Seasonings sift through a moving mesh belt to eliminate lumps, while constant-speed belt vibrators keep the mesh openings clear to prevent clogging. The dispensing rate and volume can be accurately adjusted to uniformly meter seasonings across conveyors up to 60 in. wide. Constructed of stainless steel to USDA sanitation standards, the Belt-Type Flavor Dispenser is designed for fast seasoning changeovers and cleaning. 1-800-227-5980. 

New from Sigpack Systems is the Delta Robot. The robot accurately aligns chocolate products on conveyors using a vision system, with LED lighting integrated into the conveyor body and a camera positioned above the belt. Image-processing software transmits information, such as product position and orientation, to the robot’s motion controller. The robot is then able to pick up products, one by one, and place them into a wrapping machine at a rate of 100 items per minute. The robot reduces manual handling, improves product quality and increases output.
Curwood’s IntegraScore convenience-opening feature can be combined with a press-to-close or a slider zipper in horizontal and vertical form/fill/seal (HFFS/VFFS) applications, providing easy opening and resealable features in one package. Consumers simply tear and remove the top of the package to expose the press-to-close or slider zipper, eliminating the need for scissors, knives or sharp tools to open the package. Combining the IntegraScore feature with various zipper systems provides consumers both easy opening and resealability. 1-800-544-4672.

With the ability to feed rice crisp, peanuts, salt and a variety of other easily damaged materials, the AccuRate SolidsFlow Offset Feeder is a favorite of operators in snack food processing operations. In addition to its material-handling capabilities, the unit can cluster-feed applications. The feeder operates by utilizing a unique one-piece feed tray that controls material flow by accommodating specific material characteristics. The tray works with the material’s natural angle of repose to prevent any flow when the feed tray is turned off. There is no spillage or run-on. Batch accuracy is outstanding because of the feeder’s ability to distribute particles evenly. 1-888-232-4651.

IPL Material Handling, a leader in reusable plastic container innovation, introduces its FlapNest 2717-12 nestable container with innovative features that offer cost savings and improved efficiencies to retail and wholesale distribution environments. The FlapNest 2717-12 containers stack with lids flapped shut and nest with lids flapped open to combine product protection and security for efficient return shipping and storage. The containers reduce costs by eliminating container breakage, storage and freight charges. 1-800-818-1318.

Glacier Computer, a leading developer of versatile and powerful industrial computer systems for harsh environments, has developed a new 10-in. version of its GX series of rugged computers. Based on customer demand for an ultra-small compact form factor, the GX-1000 measures 10.1-in. wide by 8-in. high by 2.9-in. deep, making it the most efficiently-designed, harsh environment unit of its kind. The GX-1000 houses an efficient, low-heat 800 MHz Via processor and offers a bright 10-in. LCD. It is designed for applications where users require PC-compatible computing power but are limited by space. 1-603-882-1560.

From the Floor
Arr-Tech Counter-stacker Offers Better Stack Quality
The Genesis series counter-stacker from Arr-Tech has been specifically developed to keep up with increasing production requirements and demand to reduce labor and for those who wish to fully automate their tortilla packaging area. To sum up the main advantages offered by Arr-Tech, its in-feed conveyor is variable-speed controlled and can operate up to 300 fpm. This greatly improves count accuracy (up to 99%) and stack quality due to improved product separation. Other factors that ensure the delivery of uniform stacks are 360º stack receiving cups, top load servo indexing system and interrupt fork design. All of these features contribute to gentle transfers of bag ready stacks. The low profile, open design of the Genesis counter-stacker allows easier access for machine operation and maintenance. This is due to the reduced number of moving parts, utilizing timing belt drive technology and the dependability of the linear servo stacking units, rated at 300 million cycles. All of this contributes to less down time and more production time. Arr-Tech has designed its equipment in a modular state that allows the addition of future Arr-Tech automation systems. Quality and a product satisfaction guarantee are standard when purchasing equipment from Arr-Tech, Inc. The company’s commitment to the industry is to deliver the highest quality equipment, provide prompt professional service and, most importantly, listen and react to customer needs.
Tech Update From IBIE
For All Your Bakery’s Needs
It’s a divider. It’s a sheeter. It’s the Vemag, the versatile production system offered by Robert Reiser & Co. that can meet all of your bakery production needs.
For more than 40 years, Reiser has been selling and servicing high-quality food processing and packaging equipment that allows companies to produce a wide variety of products. At the 2004 International Baking Industry Exposition, Reiser featured its Vemag bakery equipment, which offers more versatility in a single machine than bakers would typically find in today’s standard equipment.
The Vemag’s simple attachment system allows for quick, easy changeovers among a wide variety of bakery products. The system’s double screw technology ensures accurate and consistent portions.
Individually, the single-lane output capacity is upwards of 200 portions per minute. The Vemag also comes with multiple-lane outlet capabilities that provide greater capacity as well as a whole new world of product options — everything from gourmet cookie depositing to high-speed dough dividing.
Featured at this year’s IBIE exhibition, Reiser’s latest technological innovation, its high-speed dough divider (Rdd), combines high-quality Vemag equipment with the speed, accuracy and automation of extrusion technology. Reiser’s new high-speed dough divider is capable of speeds up to 180 portions per minute with portion weights up to 800 gm. Reiser’s Rdd is designed with customers in mind who want to produce pan breads with the high quality of ram and shear dividers.
Unlike other bread dividers, Reiser’s Rdd only handles the product once, resulting in less mechanical work on the dough. With controllable vacuum and ability to change double-screws easily, the Rdd can produce a wide range of crumb structures from tight whites to open ryes and wheat varieties.
Reiser’s technical staff works directly with its customers to meet their specific applications. In today’s highly competitive baking industry, the company’s expertise in co-extrusion can be the critical difference in getting new products to the market quickly.