Business Briefs

Irvine, Texas-based Mission Foods is building a $33.9 million plant and warehouse in Wright Township, Pa., from where it will expand fresh distribution of corn and flour tortillas and other Mexican products throughout the Northeast. Initially, when it opens later this year, the plant will be 110,000 sq. ft., but it’s expected to be expanded to 150,000 sq. ft. by 2007.
Rich Products Corp., one of the world’s largest family-owned food companies, bought Rolling Pin Manufacturing Corp., which sells frozen, ready-to-finish donuts to supermarkets. Rolling Pin also produces fritters, twists and cinnamon buns, and the company, which is part of Shato Holdings in Vancouver, B.C., has factories in San Francisco and Pine Bluff, Ark.
Minneapolis-based Cargill is accelerating the development of its new health-promoting ingredient systems for food and beverage manufacturers. The U.S. government’s “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005” places emphasis on reducing calories, increasing fiber intake and eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Among Cargill’s solutions to the guidelines are Prolisse soy protein isolates that allow manufacturers to meet or exceed the daily 6.25 gm. per serving required by the Food and Drug Administration; Eridex erythritol, an all-natural/non-caloric bulk sweetener; ActiStar resistant maltodextrin starch, which promotes digestive health; ActiStar resistant tapioca starch, which contributes the highest total dietary fiber contents of any resistant starch; and Oliggo-Fiber natural soluble fibers which have a number of health and functional benefits.
Urschel International Ltd. recently completed a significant addition of 50% more space to its Netherlands-based facility. The expansion gives the company about 10,000 sq. ft. of space, including office areas, a new meeting room, greater stock area, a new entranceway and a larger demo area used for Urschel product demonstrations. In addition, the building’s exterior has undergone renovation to reflect a modern design. The newly expanded facility is one of nine Urschel Laboratories, Inc. facilities based in Europe, and is a  subsidiary of Urschel International Ltd.
Lesaffre Yeast Corp. has announced a price increase for both dry and fresh yeast products, effective February 21. All instant and active dry yeast will increase $0.10 per lb. throughout the United States, and all compressed yeast, available in 1- and 5-lb. block cases, will increase by $0.05 per lb. east of the Rocky Mountains and $0.10 per lb. west of the Rocky Mountains. Crumbled yeast bags will increase by $0.02 per lb. east of the Rocky Mountains and $0.07 per lb. west of the Rocky Mountains. In addition, Lesaffre will implement a pallet-quantity sales program, effective April 1, and its compressed block yeast will be available in 1,000- or 2,000-lb. increments. The Milwaukee-based company has cited the high costs of transportation and increased costs of raw materials as the major reasons for the increase.
Loders Croklaan unveiled a new company logo underlining its relationship with parent company, IOI Group. The new logo reinforces the company’s 2002 strategic decision to put its resources into the production and supply of palm oil for the food industry. Last year, Loders Croklaan began construction on Europe’s largest palm oil refinery and fractionation plant in Rotterdam, which is to be completed in 2005. Moreover, in 2004, Loders Croklaan acquired Soctek, a Malaysian palm oil-specialties company in Asia, and expanded its U.S. refinery in Channahon, Ill.