Fabulous Fiberfull
Brolite Products has developed a new bread base, Fiberfull, that provides today’s heart-healthy consumers with great-tasting, whole-wheat or multigrain bread that has a high content of dietary fiber. Each slice of the “perfect bread” contains 5 gm., or 19% of the daily recommended value, of dietary fiber and tastes great. 1-888-276-5483.

Versatile VitoGrain
Caravan Products Co. introduces its new line of VitoGrain wheat bread bases. VitoGrain is designed for consumers who prefer the taste and look of white bread and who want the good-carb benefits of wheat bread products. The bread bases and mixes are produced with a unique, newly developed white 100% whole-wheat specialty flour that has been reduced to a uniformly fine particle size so that the texture is smoother and the finished bread product looks more like white bread. There are three mixes in the VitoGrain line — VitoGrain Whole Wheat mix, VitoGrain Cracked Wheat mix and VitoGrain 7-Grain mix. Additionally, Caravan offers two bases — VitoGrain Cracked Wheat base and VitoGrain Half ’N Half Whole Wheat base. 1-800-526-5261.

Pizzey’s Presence
Pizzey’s Milling has updated its web presence at www.pizzeys.com. The new Web site offers flaxseed information, product specifications and formulations, and has been conveniently divided into two main areas catering to manufacturers and regular consumers alike, allowing each to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. Consumers can also order products online or access Pizzey’s offline contact information. 1-877-804-6444.

Top-Notch Terri Lynn
Versatility is key for Terri Lynn Inc. A natural plus for dairy, bakery and confectionery products, the company can help manufacturers match individual needs with a wide variety of food types and sizes, as well as consistent quality. Giving manufacturers a premium ingredient to fit specific formulations, Terri Lynn Inc. can also ship truckloads in a single day from its locations. 1-800-323-0775.

Delta Delivers
Today’s consumers are focused on wellness. Bunge Oils is addressing health with new Delta SL — a natural vegetable oil produced from a proprietary process. Delta SL is metabolized more rapidly than traditional oils and inhibits the body’s ability to absorb LDL cholesterol. This can help maintain desired body weights and lower bad cholesterol in consumers when used as a replacement for traditional cooking oils. Benefits are a naturally bland flavor, resulting in a cleaner taste. It can perform as a salad oil or cooking oil and is enriched to maintain a healthy lipid profile.

Say Cheese
Cheese Crumbettes are new from Commercial Creamery. The shelf-stable cheese pieces have the appearance of cheese crumbs and contain the flavor and aroma of toasted cheese. The ingedient can withstand high baking temperatures and is available as Kosher and non-Kosher. It is ideal for baked goods and snacks, and is also available in a Parmesan cheese variety. 1-800-541-0850.