From the Floor
By Maria Pilar Clark

Three Steps for Frying Success
Heat and Control Inc.’s new Gentle Wash 3-Stage Washing System for potatoes not only reduces fresh water use but significantly cuts fryer maintenance costs.
In the first step, the Gentle Wash system evenly meters potatoes through its slicers, which in turn reduces scrap generation.
During step two; starch, fines and other impurities are gently removed from each potato slice as they are flumed into Heat and Control’s Spiral Action Gentle Washer, which separates each slice to ensure thorough washing. The system does not use harsh mechanical agitation, greatly reducing the slice damage that can result in cracked and broken potato chips.
In step three, the rinsed slices are then spread across a conveyor and given two additional reuse water rinses and one fresh water rinse before passing through the Heat and Control AirSweep vacuum/blow-off dewatering system. Here, it removes the maximum amount of surface water and excess fines from each slice to reduce fryer fuel usage and provide longer periods of fryer operation without de-crumbing.  
Moreover, the Gentle Wash system cleans and reuses water through circulation. Water travels through a system of hydro-sieves and liquid cyclones. The low operating water volume ensures fast water turnover and slices that are consistently exposed to clean water.
Moreover, the system concentrates starches and fines to reduce the load on the existing starch recovery systems. The Gentle Wash system can bring success to any frying line in three easy steps, and limits fresh water usage to approximately 6 to 8 gallons per minute, depending on line size, which can amount to savings in water and effluent costs. 1-800-227-5980.