Superb SensoryEffects
Now Loders Croklaan has SensoryEffects for Cookies! The lipid-based inclusions and bits can be used in ready-to-bake doughs, dry mixes and scratch recipes. The flavors are all natural, and the inclusions are non-GMO, no-trans, and are available as low- and no-sugar formulations. Loders offers a selection of off-the-shelf products along with completely customizable products. Whatever type of cookie being produced — traditional, contemporary, gourmet — SensoryEffects will enhance the experience. Try flavors like grape jelly, raspberry, mint, cappuccino, dulce de leche or orange. 1-800-621-4710.

Delicious Dairy Flavors
Edlong Dairy Flavors introduces new Mexican-inspired flavors — among them, natural and artificial Queso Blanco #124, Chihuahua #1426, Oaxaca #1434, Panela #1436 and Manchego #1438. The flavors mimic real traditional Mexican cheese profiles, are water dispersible and kosher dairy. 1-888-MY-TASTE.

Flavor Saver
A unique sweetener that combines a popular sugar substitute with creative flavorings is now available to consumers worldwide. FlavorSweet is a new line of multi-flavored sweeteners being launched by Flavology, Inc. The patent-pending FlavorSweet is a combination of the sugar substitute xylitol, innovative flavorings and a taste enhancer. It is as sweet as sugar, yet also offers a wide array of flavorings such as chocolate, vanilla butternut, caramel mocha, cotton candy and butterscotch. It can be used wherever sugar is used, but since it is sugarless, it provides a low-calorie, low-carb alternative. 1-800-240-8958.

Digest with Litesse
Litesse polydextrose from Danisco Sweeteners is a specialty carbohydrate made of 90% prebiotic fiber. Used widely as a premium bulking ingredient in sugar replacement applications, Litesse helps produce baked goods, nutrition bars, and frozen desserts that are sugar-free, low glycemic, low calorie and delicious. Litesse improves the digestive process by affecting positive changes in intestinal microflora and by reducing pH. The increase in beneficial bacteria leads to the production of important short-chain fatty acids, which are thought to reduce colon cancer risk. 1-800-255-6837.

Butter Burst
Commercial Creamery Co. developed a new butter flavor, Butter Burst 8132. The enzyme modified butter powder is bursting with butter flavor, which adds mouthfeel and richness to a variety of products without adding fat. The recommended starting usage level is 1% in a variety of baked goods. 1-800-541-0850.

Nuts for Hazelnuts
New from the Hazelnut Council is a marketing kit chock-full of hazelnut information and nutrition, consumer trends and even recipes. Consumers can find answers to their most frequently asked questions as well as information on how integrating hazelnuts into daily life turns them into a daily indulgence. Find applications and usage, consumer insight panel reports, national studies and more.

Functional Flaxseed
One tiny seed — so many benefits. Pizzey’s Milling is touting the many uses of flaxseed with its new promotional package — Pizzey’s Grãd Flaxseed Sampler. The sampler includes six different grinds of flaxseed including Ultra Fine SelectGrãd, Regular Grind SelectGrãd, Whole Seed Golden, BevGrãd, FortiGrãd and NutriGrãd. Pizzey’s guarantees product quality and stability along with excellent scientific and technical support, and has a variety of customized services including milling and granulation services. 1-877-804-6444.

Nifty Nuvex
Nuvex Ingredients Inc. offers bakers one-stop shop for low-carb and other extruded ingredients. Technological innovation, flexible manufacturing capabilities and customer service make Nuvex a top-notch, comprehensive choice for customized ingredients. In addition, its in-house pilot plant specializes in getting customized ingredients to market at a fast rate. Nuvex also provides standard ingredients that are beneficial to researchers’ initial formulation work and that are relevant to today’s market. 1-507-526-4331.
Divine Delta SL
Today’s consumers are focused on wellness. Bunge Oils is addressing health with new Delta SL — a natural vegetable oil produced from a proprietary process. Delta SL is metabolized more rapidly than traditional oils and inhibits the body’s ability to absorb LDL cholesterol. This can help maintain desired body weights and lower bad cholesterol in consumers when used as a replacement for traditional cooking oils. Benefits are a naturally bland flavor, resulting in a cleaner taste. It can perform as a salad oil or cooking oil and is enriched to maintain a healthy lipid profile.

Extraordinary Eggs
New from the American Egg board is a booklet entitled “Egg Products Reference Guide.” This guide is filled with exciting egg information from egg nutrient values to egg vitamins to eggs as nutraceuticals to refrigerated egg products. Typical egg specifications, functions and issues also are addressed, making this booklet a must-use, must-read for consumers who want to know what eggs can do for them. 1-877-488-6143.

Better Barley
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. introduces malted barley as a whole grain ingredient that bread and pizza makers can use to boost dietary fiber. Barley contains no additives — nothing but barley and water are used from beginning to end in the malting process. The resulting malted barley has a wide range of applications, including use in bread formulations where barley can function as an all-natural dough conditioner, a flavor and color booster, texture enhancer and more.

Versatile VersaGum
Cargill Food and Pharma Specialties adds new food grade VersaGum xanthan gum to its full line of specialty ingredients.  The ingredient’s functionality improves product quality in various applications including bakery products. VersaGum xanthan gum is a shear stable ingredient across a broad range of pH and temperatures ensuring product integrity throughout production, shipping and distribution. 1-877-650-7080.

Enjoy Nexsoy
Spectrum Foods, Inc. is rolling out new Nexsoy Extra High Fiber Low-Fat Soy Flour designed for use in high-fiber and/or reduced-carb bread, cookie and bakery products. Nexsoy ingredients are produced with a proprietary solvent-free process, resulting in a neutral taste profile. These ingredients can be incorporated at high inclusion rates without affecting flavor or texture and are available in natural, non-GMO and organic versions.

Sing the Blues
Edlong Flavors added its new Natural Non-Dairy Flavor #4728 – Spray Dry (Bleu Type) to its line of VISION/ED-Vance Kosher Parve dairy-type flavors. Non-genetically engineered, this Danish Bleu Cheese-type flavor has a balanced, creamy, musty and ketonic profile. Water and oil dispersible, it is recommended for use in sauces, salad dressings, topical seasonings, crackers and cheese analogs. 1-888-MY-TASTE

Fit Fat
Benefat from Danisco is based on fat, tastes like fat and functions like fat, yet delivers just five Kcal per gm. and 55% of the fat content of traditional fats. It has a creamy texture, less gumminess and less acidity than other products, and contains no trans fat, no cholesterol, and is Kosher. Benefat can replace the fat used in current formulations one to one using standard processing equipment.  1-800-255-6837

Tempting Taco
Minsa offers Taco NF, a white corn processed into stoneground, corn masa flour. Characterized by a medium-coarse grind, it is coarser than other taco flours. It is designed for in-line frying operations with minimal equilibration before frying. The medium-coarse grind reduces absorption and keeps puffing to a minimum, making taco shells strong and flexible, reducing breakage. 1-800-852-8291

Low-Carb Sweetener
With delicious new formulas for cakes, cookies and bread products, Danisco Sweeteners demonstrates its expertise in developing baked goods for low-carb dieters. Formulated with Litesse polydextrose and Lactitol, these low-glycemic ingredients are suitable for low-carb dieters and those wanting to reduce their sugar intake. As functional ingredients, Litesse polydextrose and Lactitol can also reduce sugar, fat and calories, and increase fiber all while improving texture and flavor in many bakery products. 1-800-255-6837

Stellar Soy
As stores increase low-carb additions to shelves, manufacturers need new, innovative ways to decrease the carbs in food while maintaining the quality. Soy flour provides a great solution. Made from finely ground, roasted soybeans, soy flour features fewer carbs than traditional wheat flour so it can be substituted in many baked good products. Soy flour contains no gluten, resulting in a denser product with better moisture retention. 1-206-285-2222

Dry It Out
National Starch introduces its DRY-TACK 250 food binder, which adheres seasonings, flavors and particulates to snacks, breads, cereals and other low-moisture baked goods without adding oil. After a short period of post-heating above 250°F, this starch-based dry powder adheres to foods and is especially suited for large particulates such as dried fruits, nuts, meat and herbs. The binder melts within 20 to 90 seconds and quickly forms a strong bond with the food substrate. 1-800-797-4992

Mighty Meat
WILD Flavors meat flavors provide specific cooked notes and characters that cannot be achieved using compound flavors. The flavors are designed to reproduce specific cooking methods such as roasting, frying, grilling and baking. The profiles included in this section are sautéed, brothy, roasted, grilled, rare and fatty. The unique MTSa Technology allows WILD to combine several flavor creation technologies to produce the outstanding flavors. 1-800-677-2722

Serious Stability
The Gelogen GT series of stabilizers from Degussa designs blends specific to manufacturer’s formulation needs. The GT series provides many benefits including improved machinability and consistent diameter for improved tortillas. The stabilizers give increased shelf-life with lasting pliability and flexibility in products and the edges stay moist and tender, and have a refrigerated/freeze-thaw tolerance. 1-800-241-9485

Versatile Vream
Bunge Oils’ new Vream and “Vreamay RighT” shortening products, along with “Victor RighT” margarine, contain 80% less trans fat than conventional shortening products. One for one replacement of current shortenings or margarines is a main additional benefit. There is no need to reformulate in most instances. It also performs like regular shortenings and produces baked goods with excellent taste, volume and appearance.

Number One Chips
Tortilla Chip 1 from Minsa is white corn processed into stone-ground, corn masa flour and is characterized by a medium-fine grind. With no additives and a trace of lime, this flour is designed for the in-line production of white tortilla chips. It is a neutral pH and has a medium grind to control blistering. 1-800-852-8291

Starring Fiber
FiberStar 70 from MGP Ingredients is a highly effective resistant starch developed for use in fiber enhancement. A wheat derivative, it is a natural fit for wheat flour-based product formulas and can partially replace flour in bakery products. FiberStar 70 has a clean flavor, white color and a smooth, creamy texture and maintains a nearly invisible presence in finished products. Applications include breads, muffins, waffles and breakfast cereals as well as nutritional bars. 1-800-255-0302

Outstanding Oil
Loders Croklaan introduces Durkex NT 100 high stability oil, the ideal no trans solution for spray oil needs. It is a no trans, non-hydrogenated liquid oil that combines high stability with a low solids profile to deliver the specific functionality required from spray oil. It is ideal for use as a flavor carrier, an anti-dusting agent for seasonings, spices or any powder, as well as a coating for nuts. 1-800-621-4710

Veggie Crazy!
WILD Flavors has developed a line of roasted vegetable flavors containing no peanut or sesame-derived ingredients. Roasted vegetables in the line include roasted onion, roasted red onion, roasted garlic, roasted red bell pepper, roasted green chili, roasted green bell pepper, roasted mushroom, roasted porcini mushroom and sautéed porcini mushroom. Each flavor can deliver a unique profile for applications in culinary, bakery and snack products while helping customers avoid allergy concerns. 1-800-677-2722

When the Chips are Up
Blue chip organic from Minsa is blue organic corn processed into stoneground, corn masa flour, and is characterized by a medium-fine grind. It has a trace of lime and no additives.  Shelf life of the product is four months and its flavor and odor are typical of corn. The flour is designed for the in-line production of tortilla chips, and it’s neutral pH controls blistering. 1-800-852-8291

Sweet Success
Nestlé offers morsels, miniatures and candy inclusions/toppings for manufacturers. Nestlé morsels include Toll House Chunks, white morsels, milk chocolate and peanut morsels and more for baking. Nestlé miniatures are perfect for snack packs. Favorite Nestlé candy inclusions and toppings are available in pieces for use in snack, baking and ice cream products. 1-866-429-5371

Powerful Baking
Danisco introduces its POWERBake Advance, a new generation of strengtheners. It replaces SSL at dramatically reduced levels, saving both time and money. It is ideal for use in super premium, multi-grain and split-top breads. POWERBake Advance is designed as a mixture of the strongest-known dough conditioner and the most technically advanced enzymes produced. 1-800-255-6837

Fantastic Flour
Siemer Milling Co. introduces heat-treated flour. The Gold Standard variety offers improved functional benefits, such as better adhesion, texturizing and thickening, for batter, breading, predust, soups, sauces, gravy and roux. The NutraGerm heat-treated flour is an exciting alternative to toasted or stabilized germ. The full-fat, shelf-stable product offers an appealing nutty flavor. The NutraBran is a stable fiber source that provides shelf life and improved microbiological results, and solutions for a variety of applications like health bars, cereals and drinks or baking additives or toppings. The LoMicro heat-treated flour has a reduction in the microbiological count of standard flour. 1-800-826-1065

Starring Fiber
FiberStar 70 from MGP Ingredients is a highly effective resistant starch developed for use in fiber enhancement. A wheat derivative, it is a natural fit for wheat flour-based product formulas and can partially replace flour in bakery products. FiberStar 70 has a clean flavor, white color and a smooth, creamy texture and maintains a nearly invisible presence in finished products. Applications include breads, muffins, waffles and breakfast cereals as well as nutritional bars. 1-800-255-0302

Finest Flaxseed Part 2
Low-carb flaxseed contributes less than 3% of net carbs and has a pleasant flavor. While high in dietary fiber and omega-3 content, it has a soft mouthfeel and good textural and water-binding properties.  Pizzey’s Milling SelectGrad whole, milled flaxseed replaces up to 20% of the flour in many bread and bakery formulations or 50% or more of the crumb fraction in deep-fried, battered or breaded products. Other applications include tortillas, pitas, cookies, pancakes, waffles and pizza crust. 1-800-804-6433

Boosting BBQ
Have some fun with BBQ! Commercial Creamery Co. offers a variety pack of BBQ Seasonings from around the world. Contact the company and ask for the BBQ Sampler Pack, with several of the most popular BBQ seasonings, and see how you can spice things up. 1-800-541-0850

How Sweet It Is
Litesse polydextrose from Danisco Sweeteners is a glucose polymer that is designed to resist human digestive enzymes. It passes into the colon where it acts as a prebiotic fiber, selectively stimulating desirable bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and reducing putrefactive bacteria by competition. This dietary approach to improving gut health has become an important goal given the increasing prevalence of gastrointestinal disorders. Litesse is fermented slowly, mediating a protective effect throughout the colon, and is a choice ingredient for such applications as nutritional products. 1-800-255-6837

Wonderful Wheat
FP 600, a specialty wheat protein from MGP Ingredients helps create softer, more pliable flour tortillas. The addition of the protein to a moderate flour significantly improves the shelf-life stability of flour tortillas. Tortillas containing this unique wheat protein remain soft for 20 to 24 days. Also, it enhances gluten performance in weak and moderate flours while allowing the dough to be extensible.  1-800-255-0302

Outstanding Organic
Organic White from Minsa is white organic corn processed into stone-ground corn masa flour. Characterized by a medium-fine grind, it has no additives. The flour has a trace of lime, and is designed for the in-line production of white tortilla chips. It is neutral in pH and the medium grind controls the blistering. It is made from 100% white corn and is Kosher certified. 1-800-852-8291

Powerful Baking
Danisco offers its new enzyme, GRINDAMYL POWERBake, for both large- and small- scale bakeries. It is not affected by the natural content of inhibitors in wheat flour, which normally undermines the positive effect of enzymes. To standardize the varying qualities of flours from different regions, as well as to ensure high-quality flour, the enzyme xylanase is often added to the flour. But the natural presence in the flour of so-called xylanase inhibitors has limited the effect of the enzymes. With GRINDAMYL POWERBake, Danisco solved this problem. 1-800-255-6837

Packing the Pellets
Limagrain Cereales Ingredients is encouraging consumers around the globe to enjoy its unique corn snacks, a corn pellet specially designed for manufacturing into a fried or hot air expanded corn snack. The pellets have a low-moisture content, a two year shelf life and are quick to fry, taking just 10 seconds. They are also certified Kosher.