Chairman’s Letter
Dear SFA Members,
After 10 years of participation in SFA, there is one piece of learning that I hold above all others: what you get out of the association is directly proportional to what you put into it.
That lesson is put into action virtually every day at SFA in the form of volunteerism. We immediately think of our trade association as a business activity, different from our work with service clubs, churches, charities and other community organizations. However, SFA, like those examples, can exist only with the extensive volunteer network we enjoy.
SFA gets its work done through myriad committees. Chairpersons and members work tirelessly and unselfishly in processing our industry’s business. However, I would argue that it is not, and should not be, entirely selfless on the part of these volunteers. My observation is that the companies and the individuals who get the most out of SFA are the leaders and participants of these committees.
By participating, they maximize their exposure to other industry professionals, expanding their personal networks. These contacts become a powerful part of each person’s skill set as they gain experience. Knowing the market, knowing what’s new, knowing what has worked and what has not worked for someone is information that can put you ahead of the pack.
These people also become well-versed in the subjects they are dealing with. Top managers often see their younger executives grow in importance to their companies as a result of their committee work.
These committees and the volunteers in them are what make SFA effective and vital. Do yourself a favor and sign up for committee work for yourself and for other professionals in your company. The beneficiary is our industry, but more importantly, your company will maximize its return from SFA.
I would like to thank the following list of chairpersons, and their committee members, for their efforts.
Committee Chairperson
Associate Executive John Bryce, Bryce Corporation
Investment Paul Zmigrosky, Frito-Lay, Inc.
Corn Technology Eugene Ellis, Mission Foods Corp.
Government & Technical Affairs Phil Brooks, Lance, Inc.
Intl. Member Committee for Latin America Mario Pino, Heat and Control, Inc.
Marketing Tiffani Smith, Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Meat Snack Humbert Davalos, PALMEX Alimentos, S.V. de C.V.
Membership Rich Rudolph, Rudolph Foods Co., Inc.
Potato Technology Mark Troyer, Troyer Potato Products, Inc.
Pretzel and Baked Snack Phil Bernas, Herr Foods Inc.
Management Workshop (2004 meeting)
Sales/Marketing Track Dylan Lissette, Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Manufacturing/Technical Track John Sommer, Pretzels, Inc.
SNAXPO Planning Daryl Thomas, Herr Foods Inc.
Top Management (2004 meeting) Ed Herr, Herr Foods Inc.
I also would like to thank Stan Iwanicki, Birds Eye Foods, who served as chairman of the Scientific Review Committee until it was combined with the Government Relations committee to form the Government & Technical Affairs committee in the above list.
Nick R. Chilton
Chairman of the Board