Discover the Power of Blue
By Maria Pilar Clark
New research findings published in the Journal of Food Science, conclude that wild blueberry compounds may help defend the body against various stages of cancer.
A study found that the phenolic compounds occurring naturally in wild blueberries become active during different stages of cancer, resulting in a bounty of potential benefits for the people consuming the tart berry.
Cancer begins when free radicals within the body begin to attack cells. The natural properties within wild blueberries fight the errant free radicals, inhibiting the progression of myriad cancers and halting the growth of tumor cells. Figuring out exactly how the compounds do it will surely lead to another round of research and extensive studies.
According to the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, blueberries provide many other benefits: They supply the body with health-boosting antioxidants that act as anti-aging elixirs and promote urinary tract health and cardiovascular heart health as well.
Just a half-cup of the nutritious berry provides one serving of the recommended five-a-day servings of fruits and vegetables. The Food and Drug Administration notes that frozen blueberries are available year-round and are just as healthy as their freshly picked counterparts. What’s more, they might even retain their nutritional value longer.
Discover the power of blue for yourself.
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