Revent Reinvents Baking
By Maria Pilar Clark
Revent is renowned in the baking industry for its ovens’ optimal baking capabilities and superior heavy-duty construction. Revent reaches bakers in the farthest corners of the world and provides unique and innovative solutions to bakers for the optimal quality of their products.
Seattle-based Schwartz Bros. Bakery bakes fresh croissants, Danish, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies, cakes, scones, breads and rolls seven days a week, 365 days a year. The company strives to produce the best product possible. As a result, systems that can offer efficiency, shorter baking times and user-friendly functions are ideal.
In teaming up with Revent, Schwartz Bros. has reinvented its baking processes by incorporating ovens that provide the benefits necessary for making its finished products even better.
“We started with two Revent ovens, then we tried another oven manufacturer and came back to Revent,” says Rick Doyle, regional manager for Schwartz Bros. Bakery. “We now have 13 double rack ovens and 630 rack ovens.”
The advantages Schwartz Bros. Bakery has found in Revent’s ovens are plentiful: Consistency in baking, reliability, shorter baking time and a good fit for the company’s space requirements, says Doyle.
“It adds to more profitability, and I feel it is more efficient,” he adds.
Revent ovens have a unique upward airflow coupled with a low air velocity. This enables product to bake evenly from top to bottom for optimal results in both appearance and taste.
“Revent’s ovens have been tested and consistently run between 86% and 89% thermal efficiency with 10% lost in combustion,” explains Kristie Peckham, regional manager for Revent. “This translates to increased profitability for the customer.”
Revent ovens are built with quality and durability in mind. Double rack ovens are shipped in three pieces — the reinforced floor, walls and ceiling are all one large piece. All ovens are made with thick, layered sheets of insulation, which keeps heat from escaping.
This quality design and construction gives longer life expectancy, which in turn equals long-term savings for the customer, says Peckham.
“[Revent ovens] are built in the factory to our specs and quality control, not on the customer’s floor,” explains Peckham. “By manufacturing ovens in this modular style, we can control the quality of the oven being sent to the customer.”
Revent’s policy always puts the customer first. As such, the company’s ovens offer myriad features including an interactive controller — a computer — that allows the operator to enter up to 100 different recipes with four-stage baking, steaming and damper opening.
“This allows you to customize your recipes while maintaining quality,” says Peckham.
What’s more, an optional add-on feature of the controller allows operators to enter up to 500 various recipes and to connect to a computer through a cable or phone line for the ultimate in interfacing.