Dorner Manufacturing’s popular 2200 Series Conveyors Have Been Re-engineered to Completely Protect the Conveyor’s Bearings, Resulting in Enhanced Durability and Reliability. Bearings are Significantly Stronger and Have Added Longevity Since They are now Installed Through a Blind Housing Hole Instead of a Through Hole. Features Include low Maintenance, Instant Belt Tensioning, a V-guide bed Plate and Belt for Positive Belt Tracking, Load Capacity up to 80 Lbs., Belt Speeds of up to 276 ft. per Minute, Belt Widths Between 1.75 in. and 24 in. and Conveyor Lengths Between 18 in. and 18 ft. 1-800-397-8664.

Packaging by Design, Inc.
is an expert, full-service printer of flexible packaging materials. Its research and development capabilities continuously evolve to meet changing customer needs. As a result of customer requests, Packaging by Design developed a unique program called Quick Quotes. This innovative line of communication offers the customer input on specific film and print requirements, stores them for future use, and emails Packaging by Design with a complete print request. The company responds within 24 hours with a cost estimate and delivery date. 1-847-741-5600.

’s new Single-Piston Filler/Depositor is accurate, reliable and versatile. The SP-16 system is equipped with a height-adjustable frame, 14-gallon stainless-steel hopper, adjustable deposit volume up to 16 fluid oz. and an integral worktable. The machine is ideal for filling, depositing batters, fruit fillings and more. Optional accessories include a long reach flex hose, positive shut-off spout (gun), ribbon spreading spouts, cake/pie multi-tube topping spouts, automatic cycling controls and contact parts for hot products. 1-877- 292-5715.

’s easy-to-use multi-head depositors are accurate and efficient. The depositors are ideal for single-serve desserts, muffins, cupcakes and more. Unifiller also manufactures standard depositors and customized production lines. 1-800-370-8947.

Heat and Control’s new Injection Blancher improves potato slice blanching uniformity and reduces fried chip clusters by injecting hot water from the bottom of the product pack. Hot water injection ports are located across the bottom width and length of the blancher tank.  As hot water penetrates the product pack, the percolation effect separates and spreads the slices into a wide layer. As a result, slices receive the same degree of blanching as they move onto the dewatering conveyor. An AirSweep vacuum/blow-off system removes surface moisture and product particles before slices enter the fryer. The spreading effect also helps prevent clumping in the fryer, reducing fuel usage, cleaning costs and rejection rates. The system includes an overhead positioning conveyor to assure positive control of product dwell time for up to 6 min. of blanching. Potato particles are efficiently removed from the blancher water using a motorized catch box. 1-800-227-5980.

Grotes FPS-1000 Slicer is ideal for slicing bulk bread products such as baguettes and bagel chips. The slicer has a razor-sharp Accuband band blade cutting system, ensuring that bread products are sliced accurately at production speeds up to 100 strokes per minute per lane. The system has a cutting width of 30 in., facilitating the slicing of multiple rows or lanes of bread products onto a process belt simultaneously. Actual output is dependent upon product diameter — capacities over 1,300 slices per minute are achievable on smaller, 2-in. products. 1-888-534-7683.

HeatWave oil curtains from Heat and Control provide cleaner, more uniform nut roasting. Instead of submerging nuts in a deep oil bath, Heat and Control’s patented HeatWave uses multiple curtains of oil to quickly and uniformly roast nutmeat. Only clean, filtered oil contacts the product as fines are removed immediately after they enter the oil. HeatWave also operates with the lowest system oil volume of any continuous fryer, producing rapid oil turnover rates for fresh-tasting products with a long shelf life. 1-800-227-5980.

Colborne introduces the latest in state-of-the-art cream pie and cheesecake production technology. The technology allows users to produce cream pies or cheesecakes at a rate of 135 pies or more per minute. The graham depositing, spinning, filling and topping line consists of a continuous motion system with modular traveling mechanisms, which can produce a variety of multi-layer cream pies or cheesecakes with fast changeover. The system is capable of using foil or hard pans from 3 in. to 12 in. with automatic pan placement and snap-in plateholders. 1-847-371-0101.

The 620U double rack gas oven from Revent is engineered for optimal bottom heating, which provides optimal oven-jump lift. The 620U model is available as gas, oil or electric and can accept two single racks — 18-in. by 26-in. pans — or one double rack — 18-in. by 26-in. or 20-in. by 30-in. pans. The oven also features total convection control, high-volume steam capabilities and a layered insulation design. 1-800-822-9642.

Chicago Metallic’s newly expanded line of commercial quality die-cast aluminum specialty cake pans offer customers six different shapes and sizes to chose from. All interior baking surfaces have been coated with a non-stick gray finish designed for commercial baking, and the exterior is made from a thick casting of natural aluminum to ensure better heat distribution and longer pan life. 1-800-323-3966.

The Vertical Servo Twist Tyer from Burford is uniquely designed to tie bags that are in the upright position at high speeds. The system is suitable for a variety of applications as it is very flexible. Features include servo motor design, automatic timing, easy threading, quiet operation, high speeds, simple durable design, user-friendly functions, vertical brushes with air guides and much more. The system is available in both right hand (2000VT) and left hand (2100VT) models. 1-800-654-4530.

Wire Belt Company of America presents its CarrySmart line of Spreader-Converger conveyors.  The Spreader-Converger is ideal for efficient repositioning of product. The Spreader-Converger belt gently moves products along a “fan-type” belt, positioning product evenly on either side of the conveyor centerline, or along a “lane-type” belt, moving product from separate lines of travel to one line or vice versa.  The Spreader-Converger maintains product orientation and provides a stable surface during transfer. The system is ideal for the conveyance of fragile products. All Spreader-Converger conveyors are custom-designed to meet specific needs, and offer features including open construction, quick cleaning and easy maintenance of drive components. The Spreader-Converger also provides tight transfers with adjacent conveyors minimizing potential damage to fragile products. 1-800-922-2637.

Urschel Laboratories introduces its new deep crinkle strip cut produced on its QuantiCut Dicer. The impressive new cut offers a crinkle with a depth of approximately one and a half times that of a standard crinkle. The increased magnitude promotes a more distinctive product both in terms of overall look and texture. The QuantiCut Dicer accepts large product up to 10-in. in any dimension. It also offers a high capacity output of a full range of dices, strip cuts and slices. Features include: stainless steel contact parts and hinged and sliding access panels that promote sanitation. Ease of maintenance is simplified through specially designed changing tools that accompany the machine including a patented crosscut spindle changing tool and a patented circular spindle changing tool which enable one person to change parts without assistance. 1-219-464-4811.

Rondo Doge designed an innovative concept for continuous production of dough bands and billets. The Rondo Modular Laminating Concept (Rondo MLC) consists of six modular lines, which are easily expandable to a fully automatic laminating line. The system’s control system also is modular, and new modules can easily be attached to existing ones, and no modifications or exchanges of the control system are necessary. Consumer benefits are many: Continuous production of dough bands and blocks means increased productivity, reduced costs and improved quality. 1-201-229-0018.

The New DA-150 WATER METER from CMC America Corp. is user friendly and one of the most cost-effective automatic water meter control systems available. Features include 1/50 - 60HZ. / 110-230V, 10 program settings, 1% accuracy at 100 lbs. delivery, up to 100 lbs. per minute, up to 2 mixer controls options and much more. 1-815-726-4336.

Douglas Machines Corp. is the leader in washing and sanitation systems. Its GCW-1 Garbage Can Washer is a compact, easy-to-install workhorse, designed to clean the inside and rinse the outside of open-ended containers up to 24 in. wide by 36 in. tall. The system features innovations including a pushbutton control and digital display information center. The company’s BDW-1-HD Barrel/Drum Washer is essential for washing and sanitizing food soils from barrels, drums and other reusable containers up to 26 in. wide and 38 in. tall. This system is very efficient, featuring a rugged, hinged-door design and heavy-duty 7 1/2 HP pump, and is compact with a width of 49 in. 1-800-331-6870.

At Europain in Paris, the Rademaker Group will feature its new Multibake line. The modular line comes in for varieties: the Multibake D with a directly heated oven, the Multibake I with an impingement oven, the Multibake R with a radiant heating system, and the Multibake H., which is a hybrid line that is comprised of multiple oven types in a single unit. The modular ovens are pre-assemble, reducing start-up time. Morever, the modular design allows the line to be exactly tuned to meet the demands of a specific baking process. Europain runs from April 16-20 in Paris, France. 1-330-650-2345.

NuTEC Manufacturing offers an all-hydraulic, microprocessor-controlled, multi-outlet forming machine — the NuTEC 745. The system is built tough and is reliable, efficient and easy-to-maneuver plant-wide. The 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage and quick changeovers with mobility. In addition, a unique NuTEC vane-pump feed system utilizes a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor eliminating overworking of product, bridging and backflow. The 745 vane-pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and can portion up to 5,000 lbs. of product including a variety of meat and cheese fillings for hot and savory snacks per hour. Its portable design ensures ease of sanitation. 1-815-722-2800.

Dorner Manufacturing has pre-configured kits of key service parts for all of its conveyor products in order to better assist its customers. The time-saving kits are easy to order, are designed for fast installation and guarantee having the right parts on hand when they’re most needed. Some kits include drive and idler spindle kits. In most cases, Dorner can ship parts the same day they are ordered. In the event that receiving parts the next day will be too late, the new kit is a customer’s speediest option. 1-800-397-8664.

Casa Herrera, Inc. introduces its new Magna Series Sheeter Head. Its features include heavy-duty series rollers, micro-bevel roller replacement, double spherical roller bearings, AC inverter speed control, tongue and groove hopper inserts, an open stainless-steel mounting frame and more. Among its oven features are a proportional combustion system, patented longitudinal burners, independent burner flame adjust, double-wall insulated hood lift and much more. 1-909-624-3916.

AMCOR, a Sydney-based packaging company, introduces its TrayBon packaging technology to the United States, Canada and Mexico. The packaging can go down the line, into the oven and with just the addition of a paperboard or acrylic lid, straight to the customer. The release-coated products can be manufactured in various configurations including full, sheets, loaf pans and even a unique muffin tray. Custom sizes and shapes also can be provided.
Major features include the ability to be shipped flat and automatically erected, a leak-proof lower surface with no holes or slots and a high-quality, FDA-approved release coating. All configurations are rigid and stackable after baking, permitting ease of transport and display.

KESS Industries introduces the newest addition to its equipment line, the Donut Coating Tumbler, suitable for applying sugar and seasonings to bakery and snack products. Its simple design is user-friendly. Operators need simply pour dry coating into the drum, feed product at the infeed and watch as evenly coated product comes out the other end. With minimal parts and heavy-duty construction, the tumbler is easy to clean. Two versions are available, the DCT-100, which can process 100 dozen donuts per hour, and the DCT-300, which can process 300 dozen donuts per hour. Additional drums and a support cart on casters are optional features. 1-800-578-5564.

APV Baker unveils new technology enabling a range of extruded snacks to be produced as sugar-free products. Sugar-free production technology can be applied to the wide range of snacks produced on APV’s twin-screw extruders. For coated products, the company offers a range of equipment including syrup skids, coating drums and dryers, which now have the ability to operate in both sugar-based and sugar-free modes, with simple interchange between the two. This capability can also be retrofitted to existing plant. 1-616-784-3111.

Walk-in trucks are turning a new corner with the new W42 platform from Workhorse Custom Chassis. It boasts a new International VT 275 V-6 diesel engine that brings 200 horsepower and 440 ft.-lbs. of torque into the service of walk-in applications. Significant changes include state-of-the-art, high-performance Brembo four-wheel disc brakes, a new Westport Wide Track I-Beam front axle with a full 50-degree wheel cut, an upgraded transmission for its diesel application, parabolic taper leaf suspension springs, a bigger radiator and cooling fan and much more. 1-866-467-7300.

In response to the growing demand for a compact, low-cost, automated pallet washer, Douglas Machines Corp. introduces its new Model WR-1500-EPW. The tunnel washer can wash, rinse and optionally sanitize 50 to 100 pallets per hour depending on soil condition. The model is available with gas or steam water heating. 1-800-331-6870.