Identify With EPI
By Maria Pilar Clark
EPI Exact Packaging, Inc., designs and manufactures a wide variety of automatic labeling and promotional inserting equipment for the snack food and wholesale baking industries. Its labelers and inserters often are used in the flexible packaging industry to apply primary and promotional labels to packages during the filling process, providing its customers with a clear way to label their product.
The New Freedom, Pa.-based company works closely with its customers to understand individual environment specifications and the materials that will be used.
“EPI takes the time to understand each application as well as the environment and materials that will be used to give the customer the best possible solution, whether it be just a simple price label in a clean and dry environment or a multi-panel promotional label in a cold and wet packaging room,” says John O’ Donnell, vice president of sales and marketing for the company.
EPI’s best-selling Flex Pac labeler is designed to interface with virtually every make of vertical form/fill/seal equipment on the market.  
“Our non-contact vacuum blow application method applies the label gently and precisely to every package during the form and fill process,” O’Donnell explains.
Flex Pac also can be used to apply labels to either the front or back of bags and can handle label constructions ranging from single ply to multi-panel game labels as well as in-demand reclosable labels. Reclosable labels offer companies a cost-effective alternative to “zipper” reclosures and added value for consumers. What’s more, the Flex Pac system can apply labels at a high rate of speed that competes with today’s high speed continuous motion baggers.
“Our customers often comment that they like the idea that we take the time to ask the right questions up front and will work with their material suppliers to ensure that the equipment is correct when it hits the production floor,” O’Donnell says. “We are also noted for our factory-trained Tech Service personnel that have [more than] 25 years of hands-on experience in the flexible packaging industry. We stay on top of the latest innovations in the flexible packaging industry to offer the experience needed to supply the correct labeling and inserting equipment to our customers.”
EPI offers its customers 6- to 12-month payback on projects with which it has involvement. In addition, the company provides the industry’s largest fleet of rental labelers for vacuum form/fill/seal equipment.
“Our Turnkey Rental Program helps marketers execute a successful on- or in-pack program using our equipment and technical service staff to specify, build, install and train the plant personnel,” notes O’Donnell. “This allows production to buy into the program and not have the responsibility of sourcing the correct equipment and having to store the machines when not in use.”  
As a result of using EPI’s Turnkey Rental Program, company’s can reduce equipment costs and support since they can be expensed through their marketing budgets as opposed to being capitalized in their operations budgets.
EPI offers customers a full line of labelers and inserters to meet their needs. According to O’Donnell, its systems are designed to operate in harsh environments while remaining virtually “trouble-free.”
“We use direct drive technology to eliminate the need for nip rolls and pinch points on our equipment,” explains O’Donnell. “We also offer a patented Label Stop Position Compensator that utilizes mechanical technology to keep the labels in perfect registration to the peeler bar, thus eliminating the need for stepper and servo drives that can be more costly and harder to maintain.”
Moreover, the company’s systems have cantilevered designs that allow for quick and easy changeovers from one roll or box to another.
Customers can identify with EPI, and all of the company’s labelers and inserters are constructed with stainless steel and hard, anodized aluminum and UHMW in order to give the heavy-duty equipment stability and reliability for its customers. 1-717-235-8345.