Divide and Conquer
By Maria Pilar Clark
From handling to packaging, to complete lines to single machines, Lithia Springs, Ga.-based Kaak Group North America Inc. offers its customers the tools for success in conquering the challenges that arise in bread, roll and bun dividing.
Kaak provides technological advantages to its customers with innovative, reliable solutions to completely automate bakery production processes.
Customers demand accuracy, stringent sanitation, reliability and flexibility from its systems, and Kaak delivers with its specially designed Benier line of dividers, which have been automating dough processing operations in European bakeries for more than 20 years.
The line has three offerings with its dividers — the Dough Master, Dough Expert and Dough Assist — suited for a range of bakery needs, including whole-grain bread production, white bread and bun processing and sensitive dough handling.
The Dough Master represents a “new generation” of dividers, says Wim van den Bosch, president of the North American group, because it is designed to handle a wide range of bread dough.
“We especially developed the Dough Master for the more sensitive doughs. With the software in the Dough Master, we can change the settings of the movements of the machine in such a way that the dough will not be damaged at all,” he explains.
By incorporating the use of Dough Related Software (DRS) in conjunction with independently driven, high-accuracy servo drives, delicate dough with long proofing times can be processed without stress and handled gently without breakage. In addition, the Dough Master can process dough with high water content.
According to van den Bosch, the concept behind this particular divider is simple. Its serve-all-masters design ensures the accurate and efficient dividing of dough with varying consistencies including brioche, tin-bread (finely structured), free-standing bread (open structure), baguettes, pizza, dough with inclusions such as fruit and more.
The Dough Expert is a universal, industrial dough-friendly divider, also suited to a wide range of dough processes. Its variable-speed drive is controlled through a crankshaft that accurately and efficiently synchronizes the diving action. This is facilitated through an on-board intelligence (PLC) system, where all of the divider’s movements are monitored and adjusted by the operator.
Moreover, operating the divider is simplified due to its capacity. Chamber volume, number of products being processed and discharge speed can all be programmed into its PLC system by recipe or formulation. In fact, the divider’s standard execution process can be expanded to include a multitude of other options as needed for specialty products.
The Dough Assist is suitable for the semi-automated and fully automated bakeries. Innovatively designed, this divider can process a wide range of dough with varying consistencies. Soft or stiff dough can be divided within specific weight and size parameters and the system can be equipped with a single-pocket front-out feed option or with a multipocket configuration side-out feed option allowing for freedom in the production process depending on customer requirements.
Based on centuries of experience in artisan dough processing and handling, the Kaak Group has focused on developing quality, dependable Benier dividers that ensure consistent reliable performance and reduced operating costs, and that give customers flexibility and reduced maintenance concerns with heavy-duty, sanitary designs. 1-800-367-2504.