From the Floor

Grote’s Peppamatic Equals Pizza Perfection
Grote continues to provide innovative and newly enhanced slicing and application solutions to the baking industry.
In the late 1960s, Columbus, Ohio-based pizza maker Jim Grote wanted to develop a “better way” to slice and apply pepperoni onto pizza. At that time, pizzerias sliced and applied pepperoni to pizzas by hand, which was time-consuming and resulted in long preparation times. Grote found an innovative solution in his Peppamatic, a machine he invented to automatically and consistently slice and apply pepperoni onto pizza.
Grote quickly recognized the potential of the Peppamatic for industrial use, and began marketing the system to frozen pizza processors in 1972, marking the beginnings of the Grote Co.
Today, Grote is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision slicing and application equipment. The company’s extensive line includes equipment with the capacity to handle simple applications, including bulk slicing and portion control, as well as more complex systems that are designed to slice and apply product to moving production line targets such as sandwich buns, frozen entrees and pizza crusts.  
To meet growing and evolving customer needs, Grote continues to improve on the design and performance of its original Peppamatic, and is currently moving forward with significant enhancements including an all-electric, state-of-the-art design featuring servo tube linear technology, an open frame coupled with stainless-steel construction for enhanced cleaning and sanitation, a higher speed capability with up to a 25% increase in throughput capacity, and a dimensionally interchangeable footprint with many older hydraulic Peppamatic models.
The enhanced Peppamatic design is scheduled for release later this year, and will be featured in Las Vegas at the 2005 FPME in September. 1-888-534-7683.