Epi introduces its plc Servo Flex-pac Labeler Developed Specifically for Today’s Higher-speed Bagmakers. as With all epi Labelers, the new Labeler is Easy to set up and Operates at Speeds Equal to Today’s High-speed Bagmakers. the System’s Capacity Also can be Customized to Accommodate Specific Bagmakers and Their Corresponding Operations, and is Adaptable to Most Vertical Form-fill-seal Packaging Equipment. 1-800-755-8344.

Intralox, L.L.C. announced the release of its Series 2600 Spiralox Rounded Friction Top belt as a new solution in its line of revolutionary spiral conveyor belt solutions. Initially designed for bread pan proofers, the friction top surface provides additional gripping strength for any application where product holding and alignment is needed. The new friction top surface is currently available for Series 2600 Spiralox belts with a 1.6, 2.2, 2.5 or 3.2 turning radius, and can be molded in black rubber on blue polypropylene or white FDA-accepted rubber on white polypropylene. The surface has a 1-in. (25.4 mm) wide minimum gap between inserts and a 2-in. (50.8mm) long minimum spacing. 1-800-877-7543.

’s Engineer’s Special Products (ESP) program has the answer to many application challenges. ESP gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics, and since all of Dorner’s conveyors are made to order, building an ESP conveyor for a customer, or making other special modifications to one of its six conveyor platforms is a breeze. Delivery for an ESP MPB Series conveyor and related accessories is typically four weeks from final approval. 1-800-397-8664.

 manufactures industrial muffin and cake batter depositors and standard and custom systems from stand-alone depositors to complete 12,000 lb.-per-hour production depositing lines including tray and cup de-nesting, multiple batter depositors, pan oilers and dry ingredient depositors. The company’s industrial muffin and cake depositors and depositing lines can be fed by its bulk intermediate hoppers that will accept multiple batches of batter from the largest mixers and feed the batter to the hopper of the depositor automatically. Bulk hoppers are available in double- or triple-wall configurations to accept cooling water and insulation to help maintain product temperature.1-877-292-5715.

Warner Electric
 announces its new Washdown Electro Pack Clutch/Brakes, which are designed specifically for use in sanitary, food and any other washdown applications. The completely enclosed clutch/brake package is both air-tight and water-tight, and has been designed with special washdown features to provide maximum performance in both wet and dry conditions. All Washdown Electro Packs are BISSC certified and protected with a USDA-approved coating, while their smooth exterior prevents food particles and bacteria from lodging and propagating. The shielded-sealed bearings, and stainless-steel shafting and hardware withstand even the most demanding environments and applications.1-800-234-3369.

’s new Single-Piston Filler/Depositor will accurately portion food, bakery and other products at an economical price. The SP-16 is equipped with a height adjustable frame, 14-gal. stainless-steel hopper, adjustable deposit volume up to 16 fluid oz. and an integral work table. Optional accessories include long-reach flex hoses, positive shutoff spouts (guns), a large family of positive shutoff spouts, ribbon spreading spouts, cake/pie multi-tube topping spouts, automatic cycling controls and conveyors, Contact parts for hot products. 1-877-292-5715.

I.J. White Systems put innovation into motion with a wide range of bakery solutions. Among them are its Pure Air system, providing ambient cooling for bread, rolls, buns, cookies, sweet goods, donuts, tortillas, pizza, cakes, bars and more. The Thermal-Pak system provides blast freezing while the Icing-Set pre-cools baked goods and then sets the coating. The Accu-Proof proofs a variety of baked product, including those in pans, carriers, foils and product on the belt. The company also offers three new systems — the Rest-N-Proof, which is ideal for proofing specialty breads; the Typhoon Belt Washer, suited for spiral systems and food processing conveyors; and the Power Wash 2000, a high pressure portable washing system. 1-631-293-2211.

Shaffer Manufacturing Corp. introduces its Superbowl Open Frame High-Speed Horizontal Mixer. Features include direct drive, unique bowl design, easy maintenance and sanitation and stainless-steel construction. The mixer is ideal for bagels, buns, bread, English muffins, pizza crusts, rolls and tortilla shells.1-630-257-5200.

Kliklok Woodman’s KWest bagmaker combines fast production speeds up to 100 bpm and an extra wide 380 mm (15 in.) bag size range, in multiple configurations to provide users with one of the industry’s most versatile vertical form/fill/seal machines. KWest’s innovative intermittent motion design and standard stainless steel construction meet a wide variety of applications in one efficient model. 1-770-981-5200.

The new Arr-Tech Genesis Flour is a high-speed servo-operated counter-stacker featuring the Genesis Top Load Indexing System. Ultra quiet and dependable, the new Genesis model represents the next level of flour tortilla counter-stackers. The system’s low-profile design allows easy access for maintenance and has fewer moving parts for added durability. 1-509-452-7143.

 total solutions satisfy the requirements of Rule 1171 in southern California and help any operation seeking to lower VOC air emissions for greater flexibility. Domino offers the most complete VOC-Exempt fluid solution available for continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers. In addition, Domino’s laser solutions provide an alternative method to satisfying amended Rule 1171. 1-800-486-7351.

FRITSCH special bread lines optimize dough treatment to produce a product with attractive pore structure, crumb, scent and taste. Starting from the formation of the dough sheet, dough in all stages is exposed to little mechanical energy such as pulling or pulling stress. FRITSCH lines form dough gently with uniform pre-portioning and sheet former moulding. 1-210-491-9309.

The new DataFlex Plus thermal transfer overprinter (TTO), from Videojet Technologies Inc., offers high reliability, low cost of ownership and simple operation for high resolution coding on flexible packaging and labels. The TTO unit provides online printing of variable and real-time data, such as expiration dates, batch/lot codes, ingredients/parts listings, bar codes and logos. The system’s patented direct drive ribbon technology contains few wearable parts, increasing reliability while minimizing downtime and the costs associated with ribbon breaks. 1-630-860-7300.

The new Rademaker Multibake Line of ovens brings together a variety of features designed to suit a range of products. The new oven rage has four variants in a modular design, — D, I, R, H — and offers a price/quality ratio along with perfect, balanced control of the baking process.

Permitting pre-portioning of bakery products such as scones or snack cakes is easy with “TrayForms” — ovenable, non-stick paper lattices that divide sheet pan products into individual servings — from TrayBon. Used in conjunction with TrayBon ovenable quarter sheet pans, scone batter, for example, is deposited and TrayForms are pressed into the batter. Once baked and cooled, the pre-portioned, individual scones are removed for serving. Applicable to bake-off, fresh baked or baked frozen formats.1-800-876-2569.

APV Baker
’s Web site has a new area that features information on equipment and services provided to cookie and cracker manufacturers in North America, including a list of “in-stock” machinery currently available from the company. The new section also allows users to browse for information based on type of equipment or need. Categories include new equipment, rebuilds, replacement parts, dues, and OSHA inspection.1-616-784-3111.

The new Marsh 3100 and Marsh 1100 large character inkjet printers from Videojet Technologies Inc. represent the latest technology in reliable online printing for secondary packaging such as corrugated boxes and cases. The printers are able to print characters as large as 2.75 in. and 0.66 in., respectively, and feature a patented automatic self-cleaning and self-maintenance system that ensures perfect and repeatable print quality in every environment. 1-630-860-7300.

The new FRITSCH Pretzel Line PSB has a capacity of producing 1,750 pretzels per hour on a standard line and 3,000 to 12,000 pretzels per hour on its bigger lines. At the heart of the line is the newly developed pneumatic twisting system which has copied the motion a baker would make when manually twisting dough into a pretzel shape. 1-210-491-9309.

Packaging by Design, Inc.
produces 10-color flexo packaging with its five six-color flexo presses and three adhesive laminators, and can produce both line and four-color process rollstock packaging materials for food and pharmaceutical applications. The company can complete short and long runs in less than three weeks, is capable of producing solvent-free product, stocks and inventories for its customers, can develop design concepts and maintains strict quality control. 1-847-741-5600, x258.

Errebi Technology’s rotary cookie moulder die cavities are lined with a high-wear, high-release proprietary plastic engraved liner that lasts 10 times longer than conventional Teflon coated bronze dies. The patented engraved plastic liners are designed to offer the best release and wear for a full range of cookie dough from abrasive to sticky and can easily be repaired without jeopardizing the bronze die roll. Tiefenthaler Machinery Co. is the exclusive North American distributor. 1-262-513-1111.

Kliklok Woodman’s new Evolution continuous motion bagmaker is the world’s fastest bagmaker, capable of true production speeds up to 225-plus bpm. Patented, independently phased, twin-sealing jaws separate the Evolution from other high speed machines and virtually eliminate lost cycle time. Its unique center-mounted filling tube and natural counterbalanced sealing profile are designed to provide vibration-free, smooth operation at all speeds. 1-770-981-5200.

Dorner’s new 7400 Series Sanitary conveyor platform with tip-up tail design allows operators to tip up the idle end (or with a center drive, both pulley ends) without the use of any tools to create slack on the belt. The added belt slack provides easy access to the conveyor for cleaning, including underneath it and along its frame. The 7400 series come in widths from 6 in. to 60 in., and in any length up to 99 ft. This includes curves to fit any production environment. 1-800-397-8664.

NuTEC Manufacturing offers an operator-friendly, completely hydraulic, multi-hole patty former. The NuTEC 750 provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage and rapid changeover, all in a state-of-the-art machine. Reduced downtime and minimal maintenance both guarantee that the 750 keeps on producing. A unique NuTEC vane pump feed system uses a rotating spiral to gently move product to the rotor, eliminating overworking, bridging and backflow while maintaining texture. The 750 vane pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and with a useable mold width of 19 in., the 750 easily can portion certain items at more than 4,800 lbs. per hour. A vacuum paper interleaving attachment also is available. 1-815-722-2800.

Grote’s Slicer/Applicator is ideal for slicing and applying a variety of cheese and bread products, such as cheese sticks, Texas Toast and baguettes onto a conveyor belt for further processing. With its razor-sharp Accuband band blade cutting system, bread and cheese products are precisely sliced at production speeds of up to 170 strokes per minute per lane. With a cutting width of 30 in., multiple rows (lanes) of product can be sliced onto a processing belt simultaneously. Actual output is dependent upon product diameter, with capacities of more than 2,000 slices per minute achievable on smaller two-in. products. 1-888-534-7683.

Unifiller released what it calls “an answer to inquiries from around the world” for a versatile depositor that can deposit more than 1.75 liters per shot. Unifiller’s Universal 2000 has all the same benefits of their popular Universal 1000, but with the ability to accurately and gently deposit large amounts of product per single shot.1-800-370-8947.

Amixon Inc., a division of AZO Inc., provides mixers, dryers, granulators and reactors to the baking industry. In order to meet customer needs surrounding raw material and ingredient handling, the company provides systems that precisely weigh all ingredients and deliver them for processing — fully automatic, from raw material delivery to packaging. Control sieving operations before, during and after the production process reliably eliminates contamination. All machines are easy-to-clean and meet all current hygiene regulations. 1-901-794-9480.

The Rondofiller universal depositor from Rondo Doge offers pastry manufacturers a filling depositor that deposits practically all types of fillings, including soft, liquid, hard, fillings that contain whole pieces of vegetables or meat, fillings that don’t break off by themselves and even fibrous fillings. Fillings can be deposited in any form, whether spot by spot, continuously or sporadically. The Rondofiller also is equipped with a specially designed final cut system and is made from stainless steel to meet the highest sanitation standards. The Rondofiller can be integrated into lines with a useable width of 600 mm to 700 mm. 1-201-229-9700.

The PROR retarder/proofer from Revent Inc. offers the perfect humidity and temperature for consistent product using its filtered air-wash system. The system’s modular construction allows for ease of transport. Other features include hydraulic door closers, all controls at eye level, removable door ramps, standard interior and exterior bumper guards, no flushing, 1.5-in. thick sealed polystyrene insulation and more. 1-800-822-9642.

Douglas Machines Corp. introduces its new SD-36 Bucket Washer. The system is powerful and efficient, and comes equipped with separate wash and rinse tanks, a self-contained water heater, recirculating wash water and a powerful 15-hp pump. Optional rack inserts are available to process a variety of other containers including lids, bakery pans, molds, trays and steam table pans. With a typical wash/rinse cycle of only five minutes, cleanup is quick and economical while saving water, energy and labor costs. 1-800-331-6870.

SilMax is Chicago Metallic’s new commercial quality product line of uniquely-shaped siliconized-rubber moulds available in an array of shapes typically not found in traditional metal pans. Unlike other silicone bakeware, SilMax is designed for professional bakers and pastry chefs, and is made of 100% liquid silicone produced with a platinum catalyst. SilMax is made of FDA-approved materials, is dishwasher safe, and can go directly into the refrigerator, freezer, oven or microwave. After baking, molds should cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently bending the molds results in consistently clean, perfect product. To clean, pans should be rinsed with hot water or placed in a dishwasher to release oil, grease and fats absorbed by the silicone during baking. 1-800-323-3966.

Macrowave Baking Technology from Radio Frequency Co., Inc., enables increased band speeds and provides bakers with the ability to accurately achieve the ideal package moisture content for cookies. Whether the goal is moist or dry, Macrowave Cookie Production Systems enhance line productivity and product quality. Developed for high-volume cookie production, Macrowave Systems target and efficiently remove residual moisture trapped within the center of product, permitting conventional ovens to run at maximum speeds with the correct loft, crumb structure and color while assuring that each cookie will be within 2/10ths of 1% of the moisture content goal, whether baked on the edge or center of the oven band. 1-508- 376-9555.

Grote’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer is ideal for pizza line and pizza roll automation and single lane applications requiring both targeting and slicing capabilities. It slices and applies meat and cheese products directly onto moving targets including small pizza crusts and continuous dough sheets as they pass underneath. With its cantilevered and modular design, the SNP-505 is set directly over the production line. Its flexible design allows the slicing head to be adjusted to the desired height, and the frame can be reversed for left-handed or right-handed operation. Production rates are adjustable up to 120 strokes per minute. The SNP-505 is made of stainless steel and its operation is easily controlled with a user-friendly keypad. 1-888-534-7683.

The Champion Model XRS Depositors from CMC America Corp. produce wire-cut type cookies and place them directly onto oven bands or waxed paper, ready for baking, packaging or freezing. The depositor also provides aggressive feed rolls that provide continuous, consistent dough feed; sanitary washdown design for the entire system; a precise wire-cutting system with filler-block die with accurate piece weights and much more. Its portable design allows for easy relocation and its belt-lifting device at drop point allows for better product placement. 1-815-726-4336.