When Used With Potassium Chloride, Wild Flavors’ new Salttrim can Allow Snack Producers to Reduce the Amount of Salt by up to 50% Without Impacting Taste. Wild Uses Proprietary Technology to Block the Negative Tastes of Potassium Chloride While Keeping the Taste and Mouthfeel of Salt. Lowering the Amount of Salt can Allow Snack and Bakery Food Producers to Pursue a Health Claim for Reduced- or Low-sodium Foods. 1-888-wild-flavors.

ConAgra Mills
’ Ultragrain white whole wheat flour lets consumers enjoy the sweeter taste and smooth texture associated with refined flour products while benefiting from whole grain nutrition at the same time. Its patent-pending milling technology helps retain whole grain nutrients such as fiber, B vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients while delivering the fine texture of white flour. Ultragrain is an ideal ingredient for breads, crackers, cookies, pasta, pizza dough and even pastries. 1-800-851-9618.

Produce great-tasting brownies that are trans fat-free and that contain less than half the fat of regular brownies with Puratos Tegral Reduced Fat Brownie mix. In a blind taste test, consumers liked Puratos Tegral Reduced Fat Brownies as much as their standard counterparts in regard to flavor, moisture and appearance. 1-800-654-0036.

ADM’s Kansas Diamond white whole wheat flour is an extra-fine flour that produces finished goods with the health benefits of whole wheat flour and the consumer appeal of white flour. This high-quality flour is made from the finest hard white wheat and is nutritionally equal to traditional whole wheat flour. The product is ideal for use in applications such as pizza crusts, bread, bagels, cookies, tortillas and more. 1-800-637-5843.

Prepare a great-tasting Danish that is reduced fat and trans fat-free, using Puratos Easy Reduced Fat Danish 50/50 and Altima Reduced Fat Roll-in for Danish. Providing excellent volume and short bite, consumers confirm that they like Puratos Reduced Fat Danish as much as the standard full fat product — even with 30% lower fat content. 1-800-654-0036.

Van Drunen Farms introduces its freeze-dried raspberries for use in fillings, snacks, granola bars and more. Although they taste fresh-picked, their light, dry flavor profile means they do not contain excess water and are resistant to spoilage. The berries are a perfect pairing with whole grains and have all of the nutrition of their fresh counterparts. They come in whole berry, sliced granular or powdered varieties. 1-815-472-3545.