For Help in Starting, Improving or Expanding Pizza Operations, AM Manufacturing offers a Variety of Solutions. at its Dolton, Ill. Headquarters, Customers can Take Advantage of Am’s new 3,500-sq.-ft. Test Kitchen and Showroom — Mixing Their own Ingredients and Testing the Resulting Dough in am Machines. From Dough Rounders to Pizza Presses, am Welcomes Customers to Take a “hands-on” Approach With its Equipment Before Purchasing. am has a Full Line of Dough Dividers, Dough Rounders, Pizza Presses, Proofers, Load Systems and Crust Dockers. 1-800-342-6744.

Through a new alliance with CEIA S.p.A., Heat and Control, Inc. (Hayward, Calif.) will provide exclusive sales and service for CEIA industrial metal detectors throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America (excluding Chile). CEIA is a world leader in metal detection design, engineering, and manufacturing, and its product range includes security/walk-through detectors, industrial metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. For food processors, CEIA produces systems to detect metals in granular, powder, solid, liquid and viscous products, packages, ferrous-in-foil trays and wrappings, and conveyor-transported products. Contact Heat and Control. 1-510-259-0500.

Kliklok Woodman is at the forefront of packaging innovation, not just by developing new equipment, but also by creating new technologies. Now its Web site,, has been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly. It has a fresh new look and is much faster than before. Whether you are an active customer or just interested in learning more about Kliklok-Woodman, the answers to your questions are only a few clicks away.1-770-981-5200.

Packaging By Design, Inc. is a full-service printer of flexible packaging materials. Its research and development capabilities continuously evolve to meet changing customer needs. As a result of consumer requests, the company developed a unique program called Quick Quotes. The innovative line of communication offers customers input on specific film and print requirements, stores them for future use and e-mails Packaging By Design with a complete print request. The company responds within 24 hours with a cost estimate and delivery date. 1-847-741-5600, x258.

Dunbar Systems, Inc. entered into an agreement with GTS Energy to supply Thermal Oil Systems to the Baking Industry. Thermal Oil Systems are used to heat ovens, proofers, and more — anywhere a heat source is required. Thermal Oil Systems have been proven to be economic replacements for inefficient steam boilers. 1-630-257-2900.

NuTEC’s C-Frame Filling & Portion Depositor is developed using hydraulic technology so it is suited to handle a variety of products, including stuffed sandwiches, calzones, sandwich wraps, empanadas, burritos, egg rolls and more. The versatile system boasts minimal product damage and accurate, consistent deposits hour after hour, no matter the product. Its feed system is gentle, with a rotating spiral moving product to the vane pump. The generously sized hopper accommodates 300 lb. of product. 1-815-722-2800.

TrayBon provides rustic artisan appeal to muffins with its pre-folded “TrayBon Tulip Muffin Liners,” which are designed to work with TrayBon ovenable paper muffin trays. The liners’ attention-grabbing appearance creates the appeal of home-baked or artisan bakery products. Working in-line with machinery from Colborne Corp., individual liners can be picked automatically from shipping cartons and placed into trays prior to depositing to accommodate the needs of high-speed automatic plants. 1-630-613-2682.

Wire Belt announces the Flat-Flex XT, a cost-effective alternative to balanced weave belts. The Flat-Flex XT is ideal for medium-duty processing applications. It has a lower belt mass than balanced weave belting styles, which results in lower power consumption, faster processing and more product throughput. The belt’s wire mesh is designed with “Z-bend” joints to provide greater strength with higher durability. With its large open-mesh configuration and its no-slip positive drive, the belt is easy to clean and maintain, while eliminating the need for complicated tracking mechanisms. 1-603-644-2500.

Kliklok Woodman’s Vari-Right top-load, hot-melt tri-seal closer is the world’s first infinitely variable-pitch carton closer, created to meet the demand for immediate carton size changes and perfectly square cartons every time. Its new Evolution bagmaker is the world’s fastest vertical bagmaker with a unique independent dual jaw system. 1-770-981-5200.

The XIM Group, LLC is a product development, process engineering and project management group serving the food industry. XIM’s principals bring a wealth of experience coupled with a synergistic blend of individual competencies, resulting in a unique combination of available skills that can be applied to client needs. 1-785-547-6038.

APV Baker developed larger access doors for its Recirc ovens. The kits can replace damaged or smaller doors or be installed as new ones, creating greater access for sanitation, product inspection and maintenance. The doors provide large 24 in. by 24 in. apertures with “out-of-the-way” openings. To enhance baking uniformity, the doors have ample insulation, which minimizes heat loss and improves efficiency. A smooth outer surface is “cool-to-the-touch.” The units can be installed over a weekend, minimizing downtime. 1-616-784-3111.

Designed specifically for small to medium processors and R&D labs, NuTEC’s hydraulic 720 Forming Machine is versatile enough to handle cheese and more. Powered by a 15-horsepower motor, the PLC controlled system is a workhorse. Features include a 300-lb. hopper and a variable speed of 15 to 65 strokes per minute. 1-815-722-2800.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline newest technology in metal detection is the PowerPhasePRO, a 3 frequency metal detector with color touch-screen interface. Rated to IP69K (exceeds NEMA 4X standards), you can rely on Safeline in the harshest of sanitation environments. Benefits include one-pass auto product setup, a unique product clustering feature that allows a range of products to be run through the machine without the need to change settings, and no false rejects during product switchover. 1-813-889-9500.

The NuTEC 760 Hydraulic Patty Former eliminates mechanical parts, which reduces downtime, minimizes maintenance and lowers repair costs. The 760 provides accurate weights, minimum leakage and rapid changeover while processing hard-to-form products. The system’s rotary vane pump feed system gently portions up to 6,000 lb. of product per hour with minimal product working, while a rotating spiral carefully moves product toward the rotor. 1-815-722-2800.  

Hinds-Bock is your source for accurate, clean, reliable liquid or wet viscous product filling and depositing machines for use over vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines. Hinds-Bock machines range from small, simple machines to the largest comprehensive custom filling machines. Servo-driven pump, pneumatic piston and servo-driven piston machines are available. The Hinds-Bock 3P-32 piston filling machine for Horizontal Vacuum Formers is ideal for accurate, clean filling of a wide range of products. Positive shutoff spouts are used to maintain a clean seal zone. The 3P-32 fills from fractions of an oz. to up to 32 fluid oz. per piston. Unique PLC controls make this machine versatile enough to run over a 1-up to a 6-up package configuration.1-877-292-5715.

Celebrate Your Roots
The American Society of Baking (ASB) is hosting a party on March 5 in Chicago to recognize the initial inductees to its Baking Hall of Fame. As a part of this ambitious event, the society is asking bakers and suppliers to the baking industry to set up displays featuring memorabilia from their companies’ rich histories that will turn the Marriott ballroom into an interactive baking museum. The goal is to inspire innovation and recognize entrepreneurship. “Anything from postcards to delivery trucks is welcome,” says Thomas Kuk, ASB president. To recognize your company’s past, contact Kuk at 1-866-920-9885.