Danisco’swhole Grain Shortbread Cookie Offers Health and Satisfaction With Whole Grain Goodness and Trans-fat Free Health Benefits, While Maintaining a Sweet, Clean Flavor and Light, Crisp Texture. the Cookie Showcases the Company’s new Emulsifier Technology — Panodan Datem — to Reduce or Eliminate Trans fat Without Increasing Saturates. When Mixed With an Oil, it Will Impart the Processing and Textural Properties of a Partially Hydrogenated Shortening. 1-800-255-6837.

WILD Flavorsintroduces SaltTrim, which is based on new proprietary technology that simultaneously blocks the negative tastes of potassium chloride while keeping the true taste and mouthfeel of salt (sodium chloride). SaltTrim creates a complete eating experience by adding back much of the taste and texture unique to salt. When used in conjunction with potassium chloride, it enables the reduction of salt by up to 50% without impacting taste. 1-888-WILD-FLAVORS.

Food manufacturers looking for a way to create premium whole wheat products that appeal to consumers have a better option with Horizon Milling’s new WheatSelect white spring whole wheat flour. It delivers the health benefits of whole grain nutrition with a lighter color, softer texture and milder taste. Horizon Milling’s advanced flour milling processes produce fine-grind flour that optimizes granulation size for baking performance. Plus, comprehensive supply chain, identity preservation and tracing systems allow Horizon Milling to manage and control the quality of WheatSelect flour from beginning to end.

SensoryEffects, a division of Loders Croklaan, introduces Jammy and Fruity SensoryEffects, which reduce the costs of baked goods that contain blueberries or other berries and fruit pieces. The ingredients mimic real fruit visually and provide intense flavor, color and aroma, thereby offering an excellent alternative to increasingly expensive berries and fruits. Further, they are not subject to seasonality, providing a secure supply of consistent quality. 1-815-730-5393.

Consumers are becoming increasingly vigilant about their health when searching for new snacking concepts. New sea salt and black pepper crisps from Kerry Ingredients U.S. satisfy these demands. A uniquely seasoned snack containing hot extruded potato crisps, this concept contains added protein for energy and is a healthy alternative to traditional savory snacks. 1-800-255-6312.

The Sapore range of all-natural bio-fermented flavors from Puratos imparts product with a sensory experience that will tantalize even the most discriminating taste buds. Clients can get all the taste benefits of signature bread products without spending the time for the flavor to ferment or the money for the skilled labor required. The Sapore range of flavors includes sourdough, sponge, dough, rye and wheat flavors, along with starter cultures and yeast extracts. 1-800-654-0036.

In the age-old tradition of baking, softness is a key consumer attribute to fresh-tasting breads and pastries. New Soft’r improver and bases from Puratos have Acti-Plus Technology, which was created to increase the moisture and softness of crumb texture and to provide customers with a fresh taste experience. 1-800-654-0036.

Kerry Ingredients offers Sour Cream and Cultured Buttermilk Powders that are easy to use in a variety of bakery applications. The powders are Kosher-certified and provide baked goods with an enhanced appearance and moisture management capabilities. 1-815-389-3001.

Snack pellets by Clextral Group are made with corn, wheat, potato, rice or a mixture of these and other grains, and can provide the versatility to produce many different formulas on the same equipment. PLC control of production ensures the processing parameters for each recipe are followed precisely. The pellets’ final processing may include frying, hot air puffing or high-density microwave expansion. The pellets come in hot and spicy, sugar sweetened, savory, sweet and sour, cheese- or meat-flavored and ethnic varieties. 1-813-854-4434.