Hinds-bock introduces its new Model Table-top Single-piston Filler. the Sp-12 is an Economically Priced Labor Saver Ideal for Small to Medium Packers of Liquid or Semi-liquid Products. the Machine is Suitable for Jams, Purees, Batters and More. the Sp-12 is Manufactured From Stainless Steel and can be Disassembled in Minutes Without Tools for Sanitizing. 1-877-292-5715.

Wire Belt introduces its highly durable drive components — sprockets and blanks — which are manufactured with high-quality materials that allow belt life extension while eliminating the high costs associated with replacing and repairing belts. What’s more, Wire Belt’s sprockets and blanks are precision machined to fit exactly to the customer’s belt. Available in stainless steel or plastic, the drive components are tough enough to withstand such harsh conditions as abrasion, corrosion and high/low temperature variations. 1-603-644-2500.

Through a new alliance, Heat and Control will provide exclusive sales and service for CEIA S.p.A. industrial metal detectors throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America (excluding Chile). Founded in 1968 and based in Arezzo, Italy, CEIA’s product range includes security/walk-through detectors, industrial metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. For food processors, CEIA produces systems to detect metals in granular, powder, solid, liquid and viscous products; packages, ferrous-in-foil trays and wrappings; and conveyor-transported products. 1-510-259-0500.

Spray Dynamics introduces its Series III Oil Applicator — a spray system that provides continuous, metered “airless” oil application. Its patented two-hold nozzle design delivers a fan-shaped spray pattern for optimal product coating, ensuring maximum application without over-atomizing the oil and reducing waste and potential for health, safety and environmental contamination issues. The Series III is designed for coating drum, blender, belt and augur systems. 1-636-629-7455.

AM Manufacturing has a solution for customers who spend too much time rounding dough balls by hand. Its equipment can automate production processes, with a compact machine that can round dough weighing 1 to 32 oz. at a rate of 7,200 pieces per hour. No adjustments are necessary for various size dough balls. 1-800-342-6744.

Hinds-Bock’s new Single-Piston Filler/Depositor is accurate, reliable and versatile. The SP-16 is equipped with a height-adjustable frame, 14-gallon stainless steel hopper, adjustable deposit volume up to 16 fluid oz., and an integral worktable. The machine can fill or deposit batters, fruit fillings, jams or jellies, creams and many other products. Its optional accessories include a long reach flex hose, positive shut-off spout, ribbon spreading spouts, cake/pie multi-tube topping spouts, automatic cycling controls and contact parts for hot products. 1-877-292-5715.

MIWE makes baking simple with its Thermal-Express/Athlet system. It also offers various ovens in its range of classical baking ovens, including efficient in-store ovens, heavy-duty ovens for artisan bakers and fully automatic baking solutions for large-scale industrial bakeries. For commercial baking and artisan par-baked operations, the MIWE Thermal Express/Athlet system provides a high-quality bake without sacrificing production efficiency. Thermal oil baking increases product shelf life, reduces energy costs and enhances product quality. 1-908-904-0221.

NuTEC Manufacturing offers free literature on its 750 machine — a 75-stroke-per-minute, 19-in.-usable-mold-width patty former. The four-page, full-color brochure uses close-up photography to provide detailed information about design features unique to the 750 machine. The system is a completely hydraulic multi-hole patty former that’s designed to provide accurate portion control, high-speed production, rapid changeover and reduced downtime. 1-815-722-2800.
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Intralox offers case handling/roller retrofit, spirals, its Series 800 Nub Top with No-Cling Flight belt and its Series 1700 “abrasion-fighting” belt. Installing any of Intralox belting can reduced downtime, no mistracking, low maintenance, quick payback and increased belt life. 1-800-877-7543.
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TD-26 — ThermoDrive Sprocket-Driven Hygienic Belting — is the latest innovation from Mol Industries, Inc. It is designed to run on 2-in.-diameter sprockets, enabling tight product transfers. ThermoDrive plastic belting is the hingeless solution to expensive washdown methods, product waste and product contamination caused by modular belt conveying. 1-800-729-2358
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