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BluePrint Automation’s remote case erector reduces downtime and increases productivity for food manufacturers.
Productivity is of utmost importance to all bakers and snack producers, which is why they’re always in search of not just new products, but new technology and equipment to enhance production.
BluePrint Automation’s remote case erector (RCE) does just that. The Richmond, Va.-based company’s RCE is best known for its ability to reduce downtime through the use of an automatic changeover function, which cuts down the amount of time it takes machine operators to change box or case sizes in between runs.
“This machine takes changeover from 10 to 15 minutes on a typical case erector to under two minutes, which is extremely important for customers who may run a lot of different box SKUs [stock-keeping units] or box sizes throughout the course of the shift,” says John French, director of sales and marketing for BluePrint. “If you’re talking an 8-hour shift, and you change over three or four times, you’ve got a lot of lost productivity just in changeover on your case erector, versus ours, where you have almost none.”
With the RCE, operator list changeovers can be controlled automatically from elsewhere in the plant. All the operator has to do it load the new case sizes into the machine.
And although BluePrint’s machine costs more than a non-automatic changeover case erector, “most users tell us that it pays for itself instantly with productivity gains,” French says.
That’s good news for manufacturers with an eye on efficiency. 1-804-520-5400.
Tech Briefs
Thomasville, Ga.-based Flower Foods Inc. reached an agreement to acquire Derst Baking Co. of Savannah, Ga. A family-owned business, Derst employs 475 people and operates 165 direct-store delivery routes in South Carolina, eastern Georgia and northern Florida. Its offerings include fresh breads and rolls under the Captain John Derst’s Old Fashion Bread and Sunbeam brands. Derst does about $50 million in annual sales. The company will continue to operate under its current name as part of the Flower Foods Bakeries Group.
Salem, Ore.-based Kettle Foods, a leading producer of natural potato chips in the United States, plans to build a facility with 70,000-sq.-ft. of manufacturing space in Beloit, Wis. The plant will generate an economic impact of $18 million for Wisconsin, creating at least 100 jobs in the first three years.
Sara Lee Corp. agreed to acquire Butter-Krust Baking, a privately held, Sunbury, Pa.-based fresh bakery business, for about $72 million. Butter-Krust, which had $80 million in sales in 2005, produces bread and buns under the Holsum, Butter-Krust Country, Roman Meal and Milano brands. The company operates two plants in Sunbury and Northumberland, Pa., and 180 routes that boosts Sara Lee’s presence throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
PepsiCo completed the acquisition of Stacy’s Pita Chip Co., a top selling pita chip maker with sales around $60 million in 2005. Stacy’s will now operate as a separate unit, reporting to Irene Rosenfeld, Frito-Lay North America chairman and CEO. The company’s headquarters also will remain in Randolph, Mass., with more than 100 employees. PepsiCo also acquired Star Foods, one of Poland’s leading manufacturers of savory snacks. The purchase strengthens PepsiCo’s position as Poland’s market leader in potato chips.
Congratulations to Lemont, Ill.-based Shaffer Manufacturing Corp., which produces innovative mixing systems and celebrated its 20th Anniversary on February 6.
Using Heat and Control’s patented Revolution proportional gate on its FastBack conveyors increases packaging efficiency, in addition to distributing proportional quantities of product to multiple weighers, seasoning systems and other equipment without cutting the main product supply. Unlike other gates, there are no pinch points to break product or cause personal injury. 1-800-227-5980.
NuTEC’s C-Frame Portioning Depositors have improved the way processors deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, multiple layered products, appetizers, and rolled or wrapped product. Using hydraulic technology, the depositors provide excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement. The C-Frame design enables equipment to fit right into existing production lines, and NuTEC’s unique feed system uses a rotating spiral that gently moves product to the rotary vane pump. 1-815-722-2800.
Videojet Technologies Inc.’s new Videojet 1310 ink jet printer offers a breakthrough in maximum uptime for marking and coding operations. The unit is designed to start and stop without cleaning, and its automated back-flushing nozzle minimizes downtime by automatically cleaning itself at start up and shutdown, even after idle periods. Eight new inks for the Videojet 1310, released in conjunction with the printer, are manufactured for code durability on a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, flexible films, metal and glass containers, and chipboard packaging. 1-800-843-3610.
Products continually require a higher standard of sanitation during manufacturing and packaging. Dorner’s new AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Conveyor Series is the solution. The 7400 Ultimate incorporates the latest in engineering designs to provide the highest levels of sanitation and fast cleaning times, giving more time to production and providing for a higher return on investment for customers. The 7400 Ultimate series is the lowest profile sanitary conveyor on the market, and can take high-pressure washings with water, soap, bleach, chlorine, alcohol or foaming chlorine cleaner without the worry of bearings or other components corroding.1-800-397-8664.
Shure-Glue Systems Inc. offers an extensive selection of industry-standard hot-melt dispensing valves, including valves that are manual, air-operated and electronically operated. Shure-Glue dispensing valves are compact, have a modular design, offer reliable and economical service, and are available for every type of pattern requirement, no matter how simple or complex. Specific applications include high-speed, non-contact extrusion, ribbon coating, fine-line gluing and spraying. Special and custom configurations also are available. 1-513-874-5581.
A new patent-pending, two-side-treated, multi-function, co-extruded polyester film from Toray Plastics (America) makes it easier than ever for converters and end users to manufacture stand-up pouches. The versatile, tack-sealable polyester (PET) Lumirror PA30 is a symmetrical transparent film, modified on both sides for improved printing and laminating adhesion. Its good adhesion of printing inks supports water- and solvent-based ink systems, as well as aqueous coatings, including aqueous-based silicone release coatings. Co-extruded Lumirror also offers significant production benefits, and its physical properties allow it to be easily laminated, printed or vacuum metalized. Lumirror offers excellent thermal stability and superior mechanical properties, including high strength, dimensional stability and optical clarity.1-401-294-4511.
Boston Gear’s new 700 Series Conveyor Flange Adapter (CFA) is specifically designed for increased control and lower maintenance costs on material handling conveyors. The CFA700 is a direct-mount worm gear speed reducer that provides better value for a drive train and streamlines equipment design. The versatile and flexible system costs less to operate since there are fewer moving parts than traditional chain and sprocket drives, and maintenance is virtually eliminated. CFA700’s adapter is interchangeable with standard two- and four-bolt mounted bearings, and it attaches to existing side rails, so conveyor redesign is not required. 1-888-999-9860. 
Yeaman Machine Technologies’ CVJ Filler is the latest in continuous high-speed filling of plastic jars and/or cans. It is fully adjustable to handle a large container size range, and is compatible with a wide range of product filling options, including auger, combination-weigher, volumetric filler and belt feeder. 1-847-758-0500.
Formost Packaging Machines, Inc. now offers its new Reseal-It peel and reseal reclosable package created on Fuji-Formost Horizontal and Vertical Wrappers. The system (offered by Formost and the Macfarlane Group Sweden AB) makes a perforation in the flow-wrap film, and then places a label exactly over the perforation. No part of the film is removed, and the opening flap of the film sticks to the back of the label. The label and adhesive have a special composition, which guarantees shelf life, microbiology and distribution. The perforation can be made in different sizes, shapes and locations, depending upon package design. 1-425-483-9090.
Wash belts, remove allergens, and save water and labor with a patented Cyclone Belt Washer from Douglas Machines. Designed for a wide variety of conveyor, freezer and oven belts, the portable Cyclone spray head features high-pressure rotating nozzles to cut and remove stubborn soils from both the top and the bottom in one pass. A portable cart allows operators to move from one belt to another for quick cleanup.1-800-331-6870.
Hinds-Bock family of single and multiple piston container filling systems includes its model 4P-64, which is ideal for a wide variety of ridged glass or plastic containers. The 4P-64 includes diving, positive shut-off spouts for bottom-up filling, friendly-operator interface in conjunction with a programmable logic controller for easy operator set-up, a hygienic stainless steel conveyor and different hopper options. The system can be disassembled in minutes without tools, and includes additional features such as a tilt hopper, two-piece piston strong-back and spout centerline adjustments without tools. 1-877-292-5715.
The new Videojet 3410 laser coder from Videojet Technologies Inc. combines 100 watts of peak laser power with state-of-the-art scanning technology, and provides high-quality coding for fast production lines and harsh environments. The laser prints high-quality graphics, characters and bar codes on a wide range of packaging materials, including certain rubbers and plastics that are traditionally difficult to mark. The unit also features a mobile, IP65-rated stainless steel cabinet that protects the electronics, cooling system, and laser and optical components to provide reliability and easy installation in tight spaces. The articulated arm adjusts to fit in hard-to-reach areas, and the compact marking head allows for coding in any orientation. 1-800-843-3610.
Dorner’s Engineer Specials Program (ESP) gives extra attention to building conveyors with unique dimensions and characteristics above and beyond the dimensions of Dorner’s regular conveyor platforms. Instead of trying to build a conveyor in-house from scratch in order to make it fit, customers can save time and money by having Dorner’s ESP program conveyor experts handle the project. However, innovation doesn’t stop at the ESP level, as Dorner is continually reevaluating its designs and making improvements. For example, the bearings on its 2200 Series conveyor now are installed into a newly redesigned blind housing hole instead of a through hole. This protects the bearings from “the outside world,” and significantly adds strength and longevity to the conveyor. The 2200 Series is engineered to virtually eliminate maintenance. Other benefits include instant belt tensioning, a V-guide bed plate and belt for positive belt tracking, a load capacity up to 80 lb. and belt speeds up to 276 ft. per minute.1-800-397-8664.
The MIWE line of thermal oil-heated baking systems now includes its Thermo-Rollomat Tunnel Hearth baking oven. The thermo-rollomat is a versatile industrial oven configured to the specific needs of particular baking operation, and its format can include one to seven decks for more flexibility. The thermo-rollomat is perfect for par-baked artisan bread, as well as pan bread products of all types, including croissants. The oven uses radiant heat — produced by thermal oil circulating in channels above and below each deck — to provide even heating throughout baking with excellent results. Thermal oil heating reduces energy consumption and, thereby, the operating costs compared to traditional heating methods, as well. 1-908-904-0221.
The experts at AM Manufacturing can help customers with starting, improving or expanding their pizza operations. Customers also can take advantage of AM’s new 3,500-sq.-ft. test kitchen and showroom, where they can mix up their ingredients and test their dough in any AM machine. From dough rounders to pizza presses, AM welcomes everyone to get “hands-on” with its equipment before making important purchasing decisions. 1-800-342-6744.
Wire Belt introduces its highly durable drive components — sprockets and blanks — which are manufactured with high-quality materials that allow belt life extension while eliminating the high costs associated with replacing and repairing belts. What’s more, Wire Belt’s sprockets and blanks are precision machined to fit exactly to the customer’s belt. Available in stainless steel or plastic, the drive components are tough enough to withstand such harsh conditions as abrasion, corrosion and high/low temperature variations. 1-603-644-2500.
Through a new alliance, Heat and Control will provide exclusive sales and service for CEIA S.p.A. industrial metal detectors throughout the United States, Mexico and Latin America (excluding Chile). Founded in 1968 and based in Arezzo, Italy, CEIA’s product range includes security/walk-through detectors, industrial metal detectors and hand-held metal detectors. For food processors, CEIA produces systems to detect metals in granular, powder, solid, liquid and viscous products; packages, ferrous-in-foil trays and wrappings; and conveyor-transported products. 1-510-259-0500.
Tech at Work
Focus on Productivity at iba 2006
Looking for an innovative system to streamline packaging, automate artisan bread production or provide much-needed flexibility to your makeup lines? Check out iba 2006, the world of baking show, which runs from October 3-9 in Munich, Germany.
The show’s organizers estimate that 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries around the world will attend this year’s show.
Because the show’s exhibitors have a broad range of products for bakeries of any size, all kinds of decision makers for investments can be found among its visitors. There are products for bakers and pastry chefs, ranging from small mixing machines up to ovens, proofers and makeup equipment for large plants.
Moreover, the show has broadened its audience to systems for large catering facilities, foodservice operators and even supermarket retailers.
For more information on iba 2006, visit
Oroweat Goes for Gold
Oroweat, the official bread sponsor of the Olympic Team, relied on merchandising and online promotion throughout the games earlier this month. In February, the brand’s Web site ran a “Winning Perfected” sweepstakes where consumers could answer Olympic trivia and play a virtual scratch-off card for a chance to win Oroweat U.S. Olympic gear, prepaid Visa gift cards for groceries, 24-hour fitness passes and more. Oroweat, produced by Bimbo Bakeries USA of Fort Worth, Texas, previously ran a contest for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Turin, Italy, the sight of the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Eugene Thomas Franklin, 91, former president and chairman of Franklin Baking Co., Goldsboro, N.C., died in November. Franklin purchased Made Rite Bakery in Goldsboro in 1945, which he renamed Franklin Baking Co. He was its president and chairman of the board from 1954 until its merger with Flowers Foods, Thomasville, Ga., in 1998. Franklin was past president of the Bakers Association of the Carolinas. Born in Durham County, N.C. in 1914, he attended Duke University. He is preceded in death by his wife of 60 years, Mozelle Butler Franklin. He is survived by his daughter, Sandra M. Franklin, and sons, E. Thomas Franklin Jr., Jeffery Butler Franklin and Timothy K. Franklin, all of Goldsboro.
Flowers Foods Bakeries Group, Thomasville, Ga. — Dale C. Mull, a 35-year veteran of Flowers, is named president of its new Newton, N.C.-based bakery. Mull will oversee all aspects of the bakery’s operation, and will be involved in its renovation.
Frutarom Ltd., North Bergen, NJ — Kobi Levy takes on the role of executive vice president and manager of the Global Flavors Division.
Grain Foods Foundation, Ridgway, Co. — Jim Coleman is appointed as development officer.
Hill and Valley, Rock Island, Ill. — Mark Robson is appointed to the newly created position of CFO.
Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods, Brampton, Ont. — Darek Nowakowski, former general manager and vice president at Maple Leaf Foods, is named president and CEO. He succeeds company founder Gerry Schmalz, who retired in August. Bonita Then, a director who served as interim CEO, was appointed chairperson of the board.
Lance, Inc., Charlotte, N.C. — Rick Puckett is named executive vice president and CFO. 
Retail Bakers of America, McLean, Va. — Susan Nicolais, is appointed as executive vice president, and will oversee all operations, with a primary focus on the organization’s complete rebuilding.
SK Food International, Inc., Fargo, N.D. — LeAnn Hovdenes joins the marketing department, and will be responsible for areas relating to Identity Preserved ingredients, including certified organic and conventional non-GMO agricultural commodities.
The Peerless Group, Sidney, Ohio — Greg Balnoschan is named director of engineering, Michael Gniazdowski is appointed to materials manager, and Thomas Blackton takes on the role of new production manager.
The Solae Co., St. Louis, Mo. — Thomas Damiano is elected to lead the global food platform strategy, resigning his position as vice president of commercial development at Degussa AG’s food ingredient business. In September, Degussa planned on selling the unit to agribusiness giant Cargill, Inc., pending approval by government regulators.
Ubiquity Brands, Chicago — Jeff Dunn is named president and CEO.
Utz Quality Foods, Inc., Hanover, Pa. — Brian Greth is appointed to vice president, corporate services.
Dawn Food Products, Inc., Jackson, Mich. — Carrie Jones-Barber is named chief executive officer.
Richelieu Foods, Inc., Braintree, Mass. — Walt Grineski is promoted to vice president of manufacturing, dressings and sauces; and Jon Deeter is promoted to national director of Natural Food Sales.