Heat and Control’s Fastback 260e Horizontal Motion Conveyer Delivers Twice the Product Travel Rate of Comparable Conveyers and can Handle Loads of up to 60,000 lb. per Hour. Because it Does not Bounce the Product Like a Vibratory Conveyer, it Significantly Reduces Product Breakage and Buildups in the Pan, Eliminating Mid-shift Downtime for Cleaning. the 260e is Capable of Accepting Pans up to 35 ft. Long and can be Used With Different Length Pans When Conveyor Layouts Change. 1-800-227-5980.
Hinds-Bock’s stand-alone muffin batter depositing machines and industrial muffin systems include the Automatic Answer machine, which provides high production from a compact automatic machine. The manufacturer’s complete industrial muffin lines produce up to 18,000 lb. per hour and include pan oiling, paper cup denesters, single and multiple batter depositors with diving positive shutoff spouts, bulk loading, intermediate hoppers and dry ingredient depositors. Each machine features the latest servo technology and operator interface panels. 1-877-292-5715.
Wire Belt Co. of America’s new Compact Grid Conveyor Belt is designed to handle smaller, more delicate products while providing a lighter weight, lower mass, open-mesh belt design that is ideal for high-speed cooling and drying operations. Engineered with a 70% open surface area, the Compact Grid provides optimal performance for processes in which product coating, drainage and liquid or air circulation are factors. The open stainless steel design is ideal for frying and baking, as well as for cooling freshly baked or freshly fried products in high-volume, high-throughput processes. Compact Grid also is easy to clean and maintain. And it allows for improved conveyor-to-conveyor transfers, minimizing the chance for product yield loss. 1-603-644-2500.
LeMatic’s Easy-Clean Hard Roll Slicer now is offered in a new Wash-Down model for fast and effective cleaning. Constructed from stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant components, it can be completely sanitized with water and cleaning solution via a high-pressure hose. The Wash-Down version has all the popular features of the original model, including LedMatic’s exclusive Floating Top Conveyor, which is optimized for the individual variation of hearth products while performing a consistent slice. Set up to simultaneously web or hinge slice a minimum of six hearth-style sandwich rolls at a time, this system has a slicing rate that exceeds 3,000 dozen hard rolls per hour. A pushbutton-controlled power lift is standard for raising and lowering the head for production operation, pass-through and maintenance functions. 1-517-787-3301.
All-Fill, Inc. has developed a stand-alone, space-saving SHA-Filler/Checkweigher Combo unit. The Combo is virtually “integration-free” with a compact design. One control system for both machines ensures proper handshaking between the components, which in turn ensures “no mistake” internal weight feedback, resulting in superior filling accuracy. A single, “off-the-shelf” PLC with a single operator interface controls both units as a single entity. In addition, the integrated design eliminates any need for additional “spacing” and takeaway/reject conveyors. Other features include well-structured load cell mounting, heavy-duty washdown “product-contact” components — hoppers, augers, and funnels — reject and index cylinders, and exceptional line speeds. 1-866-ALL-FILL.
Hind-Bock’s transfer pumps are available in many sizes and configurations to move hot or cold flowable liquid products and mixtures from mixing, holding or cooking vessels to filling machines. The pumps are available in three sizes — 64, 128 and 250 oz. per stroke — and pump from 7 to 40 gpm, depending on product characteristics, piping configurations and model. Low shear, gentle piston pumping action with wide, open ports and valves and large sanitary fittings allow pumping of large, soft chunks and particulates without bridging or crushing. Independently adjustable suction and discharge stroke speeds maximize efficiency to allow pumping of a wide range of products with delicate particulates, from thin noodle soups and gravies to thick deli salads, fruit cake batter, shredded meat burrito filling, macaroni and cheese, chili, vegetable stew, fruit fillings, blueberry muffin batters. 1-877-292-5715.
(Chicago) Fortress Technology Inc. offers its Phantom E-Type Metal Detection System with slim dimensions for easy mounting onto an on-line checkweigher. The Phantom is ideally suited for positioning at the end of an on-line inspection for packaged products, and its system is equipped with fast digital system programming (DSP). User friendly and easy to operate, the Phantom can detect and reject ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metals, including stainless steel as small as 2 mm. Additional features include modular electrons, automatic set up and operation, automatic self-test and diagnostics, multiple product memory and more. 1-888-220-8737.
O/K International introduces its newly designed Superliner 220 Case Liner. At up to 18 cases per minute, it’s one of the fastest case liners on the market. The Superliner 220 makes bags from a roll of gussetted polyethylene tubing, places the bag into a case, crate, drum or tray, and cuffs the bag over the edges.  Additionally, the system is cost-effective and suitable for standard applications within a defined case range. Features include Allan Bradley controls, inventory reduction since one roll size makes multiple bag lengths, easy roll change with minimal downtime, and a clean and durable design. Contact Hans Mentink at 1-508-303-8286.
Moline offers a solution for product cutting systems in a wide variety of styles and options. Its designs support all types of products as well as high-speed production, quick cutter changeover, precise control and minimal space requirements. Moline’s dual cutting station provides synchronized cutting, docking and/or crimping for products such as pizza crusts and tortillas. Inside the cutting unit, Moline’s precision rotary cutters provide efficiency and durability, and systems are available for 24 in.- to 60 in.-wide lines. 1-800-767-5734
Industrial baking OEM Auto-Bake launched a new “stand-alone” variant of its compact Serpentine oven and baking system. Ideal for the migration from rack ovens to continuous baking processes, the new Serpentine model sports an innovative “free pan” transport interface that allows it to utilize baking pans that are independent of the oven or system, making it easy to incorporate into an existing process, while retaining pans and surrounding ancillary equipment. Auto-Bake Serpentine ovens and systems offer a range of additional benefits to bakers including flexibility, a range of heating system options and controlled thermal zone and baking control. Furthermore, the fully automated system offers user-friendly touch-screen management and control of all baking line processes and parameters. 1-630-257-2900.
Ishida’s new RS-series of multihead weighers from Heat and Control deliver superior accuracy and performance at an affordable price. Available in 14- and 16-head models, the weighers integrate simple operator controls with advanced load cell technology.  Clear and easy-to-follow interactive menus facilitate weigher set-up and operation, and 200 product presets provide fast, repeatable changeovers. Additionally, Ishida’s Auto Feeder Control system automatically sets the best product feed rates for optimal performance.  Designed for quick cleaning, product hoppers have rounded corners and no external springs where debris can accumulate.  All product contact parts are easily removed by hand without using tools.  Plus, stainless steel weigh/drive units and dustproof construction protect against corrosion and infiltration of particles.  1-800-227-5980.
Bedford Industries’ Double Wire Tin-Tie and Peel & Stick closures add value to products by making them conveniently recloseable. Benefits of Double Wire Tin-Ties include standard and custom spool lengths; plastic, plastic/paper, paper and metallic formats; a wide range of colors and the ability to color match and custom print. Peel & Stick closures are pressure sensitive, are easily applied by hand, and come in a wide range of lengths and colors, are available in plastic or metallic formats, and can also be color matched and custom printed. 1-877-233-3673.
Formers by Ernie, Inc., is a high quality manufacturer of bag forming collars for both vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines. Each unit is custom made from heavy gauge stainless steel with strict quality controls. The company also offers optional features such as Nitrogen Gas Flush systems, Flat Bottom bag attachments, Gusset Finger Attachments, Top/Side Zipper Modifications, Dust/Vacuum Nozzle Attachments, and various assembly coatings. 1-866-991-3455.
Grote Co.’s SNP-505 Modular Slicer is ideal for automating sandwich line “slice and apply” applications. The SNP-505 has a cantilevered and modular design, and can slice and apply meat and cheese products directly onto moving buns as they pass underneath on a conveyor line. Its flexible design allows the slicing head to be adjusted to the desired height, and its frame can be reversed for left-hand or right-hand operation. Production rates are adjustable up to 120 strokes per minute. The SNP-505 has stainless steel construction and its operation is controlled with a user-friendly keypad. 1-888-534-7683.
FastBack Upgrade horizontal motion accumulation conveyors from Heat and Control, Inc., meter a consistent flow of frozen product to weighers and other packaging machinery. Upgrade minimizes product gaps between processing and packaging to eliminate thawing and labor-intensive pour-back of product. Its gentle horizontal conveying motion ends product spills while minimizing product damage and hard-to-clean build-ups in the pan. 1-800-227-5980.
SpanTech LLC’s HO-Series Horizontal Offset Conveyer, part of its Whisper Trax Modular Flexible Conveyor line is engineered for dependable, nearly maintenance-free operation and has options to fit almost any application. It is ideal for transporting packaged items, assembly work and for use as a replacement for traditional belt conveyors. The HO-Series conveyor has two curves in opposite directions where the entrance and exit straight sections are parallel. The compound curving nature of the conveyor allows consumers to accomplish multiple curves with one piece of equipment. It’s available in epoxy powder coated paint and stainless steel. 1-270-651-9166.