TQM Course Slated For September

Four-day course on total quality management is designed for the snack food industry’s quality control personnel.

Snack food industry quality control personnel will have an opportunity to improve their understanding of the snack manufacturing processes and how they can do a better job on behalf of their companies and customers at the 2006 Wilbur A. Gould Total Quality Management Short Course for the Snack Food Industry.
The course — co-sponsored by the Snack Food Association, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) and Ohio State University — will be held September 11-14 at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.
“This four-day, hands-on course provides not only technological expertise, but a practical, down-to-earth approach for management, middle management, supervisory and technical individuals,” explains Dr. Shari Plimpton, Industry Outreach/Program Manager at CIFT.
The course is an outgrowth of the SFA’s Total Quality Assurance Course, taught by the late Dr. Wilbur Gould, professor emeritus at OSU through the late ‘90s. It was the only program where quality control personnel from snack food companies could come and learn everything there was to know about quality assurance as it specifically relates to the snack food industry.
Dr. Plimpton, who worked with Dr. Gould first as a graduate student and then assisting him in teaching the course, helped re-launch the program last year. It combines classroom lectures from leading experts in food manufacturing in the mornings and practical lab work in OSU’s Parker Food Science Laboratory in the afternoons.
“We recognized the need, so we decided to rebuild the course to help bring people up-to-speed on quality developments, including regulations and quality management issues,” Plimpton says.
This year, Plimpton will present a discussion on the fundamentals of quality management. In addition, the course will cover plant sanitation, raw materials, the use of technological tools to evaluate raw materials and how processing affects those materials.
“We do this through a series of lectures put on by individuals in the industry who have expertise, as well as faculty members from Ohio State University who have expertise in these areas, as well,” Plimpton explains. “In addition, there will be a hands-on lab experience that will use the latest lab equipment and technology.”
She notes that CIFT works closely with major equipment manufactures to make the latest equipment available for students so that they can learn about what is available and how to use it.“We will cover thoroughly the machinery, as well as methods and materials like potatoes, fats and oils, salts and seasonings, as well as unique ingredients used in the snack food industry,” Plimpton explains.
The combined result will be an experience that provides practical knowledge that will be “immediately translatable to plant conditions,” she adds. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to discuss issues and ask speakers questions, as well as “pick the brains” of members of the faculty at OSU’s Department of Food Science & Technology.
Overall, the course will provide an understanding of how snacks are manufactured, why quality is important, where to emphasize quality control, what instruments and methods can be used to measure quality, when to make quality evaluations, and who should take responsibility for ensuring quality.
Plan Now to Attend Leadership Conference
Previously known as the Top Management Seminar, the Snack Food Association’s Executive Leadership Forum will be held September 24-26 at the Montage Resort and Spa, Laguna Beach, Calif.
The SFA changed the name of the conference to emphasize the high level of content offered at the event, and the fact that it is designed specifically for chief executives and other top executive officials of member companies.
Thus, this premier conference for snack food industry executives will provide outstanding programming designed to help top industry executives excel in their positions of leadership. The conference will include opportunities for education, networking and recreation, and for enjoying one of the world’s most beautiful and luxurious resort destinations.
Situated on a coastal bluff in the picturesque arts community of Laguna Beach, the Montage Resort & Spa offers the amenities and conveniences of an ultra-luxury beachfront hotel and the warmth and appeal of a cozy craftsman-style inn. With lush landscaping and pristine white sand beaches, this retreat features elegant accommodations, a beachfront spa, three sparkling swimming pools and regional, distinctive dining.
For more information and to register, please call Liz Wells at 703-836-4500, ext. 202. For more information about the resort, please visit the SFA Web site, www.sfa.org, and look under Events.
a preview of what’s in store:

Day 1 — Monday, September 11 (Lecture)
• Overview of the Snack Industry
• Fundamentals of Quality
• Food Laws and Regulations Related to Quality
• Food Safety and Security
• Fundamentals of Plant Sanitation
• Tools for Managing Quality

Day 2 — Tuesday, September 12 (Morning Lecture/Afternoon Lab)
• Machines and Methods for Snack Manufacturing
• Materials — Good Agricultural Practices
• Materials — Potatoes
• Materials — Sweet Potatoes, Plantains, Vegetables  for Chipping
• Pilot Plant Lab (PM)
• Incoming Products Testing (QC Methods)
• Final Product Testing (QC Methods)
• Testing and Evaluating of Products Problem  Solving Exercises

Day 3 — Wednesday, September 13 (Morning Lecture/Afternoon Lab)
• Materials — Corn, Masa Flour, Soy Flour and Rice Flour
• Materials — Fats and Oils
• Salt, Flavors and Seasonings
• Packages and Packaging
• Pilot Plant Lab (PM)
• Pre and Post Plant Sanitation
• Processing Equipment Demonstrations
• Product Seasons
• Testing and Evaluating of Products
• Problem Solving Exercises

Day 4 — Thursday, September 14 (Morning Lecture/Afternoon Lab)
• On-Line Quality Control
• Nutrition: Facts about Snacks
• Sensory Evaluation of Snack Foods
• Pilot Plant Lab (PM)
• Processing Equipment Demonstrations
• Tour of OSU’s Food Science & Technology Center Facilities
• Testing and Evaluating of Products
• Problem Solving Exercises

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind education program. The registration deadline is Friday, September 1. For program and registration information, please visit the SFA Web site at www.sfa.org, or contact Chris Clark (703) 836-4500 ext. 218 or cclark@sfa.org.