Tech At Work

Using Innovation to Provide Custom Solutions

Raque Food Systems is an innovative producer of custom solutions for the snack, bakery and food industry. Over the years, when a customer could not find an acceptable system to form their product or package an item, the Louisville, Ky.-based company have been able to create a means to accomplish their goals. As a result, any system produced or integrated by Raque incorporates the newest proven innovations. Because  Raque has been solving customer problems for so long, many of its equipment designs have become industry standards.
For example, Raque Food Systems made the automation of the “Ready Meal” a reality. The company pioneered using programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in our piston fillers and other systems. It was the first to manufacture fully automated pizza production systems. Its continuous motion heat seal systems taught the industry how to close containers without sloshing the contents inside over the sealing surface. All of the company’s systems have demonstrated how to produce at higher speeds within a safe work environment.
Raque Food Systems specializes in improving productivity. The equipment supplier has been successful over time because its customers were willing to incorporate Raque’s innovative systems to create higher quality products at lower costs.
In addition, experience is its forte. It’s sales and service personnel have worked in most every area of the food processing and baking industry. Their experience prevents the repeating of costly mistakes and greatly accelerates the design time process. Additionally, Raque can readily anticipate the customer’s needs and develop a system that accomplishes the task, which even may incorporate third-party machinery.
All of its equipment designs are developed in-house. For example, one of our customers, a supplier of products for the foodservice industry, needed to reduce packaging costs. Their aluminum steam table tray had to have its lid placed manually. Raque developed a method to automatically wrap and crimp aluminum foil over the top of the container securely. The end-product used less expensive materials that required less labor to assemble.
Usually, our customers approach us looking for advice on how to improve their productivity. Sometimes these suggestions may be as simple as re-tooling machinery to accommodate new packaging materials or a new product. However, if a system needs a thorough update, Raque can readily rebuild the machinery to match modern standards and incorporate efficiency and safety improvements.