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AGTRON, Incorporated
AIB International
Allied Bakery Equipment Co., Inc.
Allied Blending & Ingredients
American Society of Baking
AMF Bakery Systems
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Azteca Milling, L.P.
Bakon USA
Bedford Industries Inc.
Berndorf Belt Technology USA
Bettendorf Stanford Inc.
BluePrint Automation, Inc.
Breddo Likwifier Division of American Ingredients Co.
Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.
A Division of Briess Industries, Inc.
Brolite Products Co., Inc.
California Raisin Marketing Board
Capway Systems, Inc.
Caravan Ingredients
Cargill Salt
Cereal Ingredients, Inc.
Christy Machine Company
CMC America Corporation
Dorner Mfg. Corp.
Douglas Machines Corp.
Elmark Packaging, Inc.
Fallas Automation, Inc.
FOODesign Machinery & Systems, Inc.
FoodTools, Inc.
Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc.
Grain Millers, Inc.
Grote Company
Handtmann, Inc.
The Hazelnut Council
The Henry Group, Inc.

Hinds-Bock Corporation
International Baking Industry Exposition
International Bakers Services, Inc. Kamflex Corporation
KESS Industries, Inc.
Knappen Milling Co.
Lawrence Equipment, Inc.
LeMatic, Inc.
Leng D’or Snack Foods
Lesaffre Yeast Corporation
MGP Ingredients Inc
Moline Machinery Ltd.
Morton Salt
Nol-Tec Systems, Inc.
O/K International Group Packaging Machinery
Pizzey’s Milling USA, Inc.
Puratos Corporation
Raque Food Systems, LLC
Riviana Foods Inc.
Rudolph Foods Company, Inc.
Schaaf Technologie GmbH
The Sherwin-Williams Company General Polymers High Performance Flooring
J.R. Short Milling Co.
SK Food International
Smiths Detection Product Inspection Division
Snack Food Association
SPI Polyols, Inc.
Stagnito Communications
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Sunny Gem
Traybon Bakery Packaging Systems
Urschel Laboratories, Inc.
Wild Blueberry Association of North America
Wire Belt Company of America
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