Big Pimpin’
By Deborah Cassell

What do a really big brownie, an overstuffed Oreo, a colossal cookie, an eye-popping Pop-Tart, an enormous animal cracker and a king-sized Krispy Kreme all have in common (other than their girth, of course)?
No, they’re not Guinness World Book record holders. They’re featured items on, a Web site that celebrates cookies, crackers, chips, sandwiches and other baked goods and snacks in a BIG way … by “pimping” them.
You no doubt know what a pimp is (and does), but “pimp” also is a popular verb. Those of you who don’t have kids, listen to rap music or watch MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” might want to consult “Pimp: to make something look very ‘ghettofab.’”
For readers unfamiliar with the term “ghettofab,” this translates to “something that is fabulous in the ghetto.” (And if you don’t know what the ghetto is, then I can’t help you.)
Perhaps you prefer the explanation given to me by Pete Wilcock (aka, Pimp Daddy), the genius behind PimpThatSnack. When asked to define “pimp,” the 24-year-old from Manchester, England says, “Flashy, impressive and improved.”
“If you separate out and ignore the less than noble origins of the word, you have a whole new term you can use to describe anything that’s been stupidly enhanced, enlarged and otherwise fattened up!” says Wilcock, who created PimpThatSnack “on a whim” in April of this year after “retro-fitting” a Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter bar by filling it with “tastier” peanut butter than it already contained.
Today, contributors to Wilcock’s site create their own versions of mainstream munchies and blog about the process (including ingredients and cooking instructions) and the results.
“The majority of our visitors are American,” Wilcock says. “Then it’s split between a large majority of UK visitors and then collective countries around the world … we know when we’ve hit new territories when we receive a pimp that we’re not familiar with in this country.”
It doesn’t matter where in the world the end-product originates. In most cases, it not only resembles the real thing, but it’s also huge. When it comes to pimping snacks, size (and scale) matters.
“The site focuses around being visually impressive, and for that, making something massive is generally the best way,” Wilcock notes.
And, as one contributor states, “If you’re going to pimp a snack, proportion is paramount.”
Some chefs even supply nutritional information for their homemade monstrosities. For instance, “Krispy Kreme Kollosus” boasts 6,240 calories, according to its amateur inventor.
Not only does PimpThatSnack reveal how to make one’s own gigantic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Cadbury Egg (among other tall treats), but the site also is interactive. Click on “Pimp Trumps” to pit one pimped-out snack against another. For instance, in the battle between Amazonian versions of Baby Ruth and Almond Joy, little Ruthie takes home the pimp cup, er, trophy.
Now that’s what I call big pimpin.’
They Might Be Giants
“I think we’ve done nearly everything now, although the submissions are of a varying level of skill, so there’s still a lot to be done by way of improvement on existing pimps,” says PimpThatSnack creator Pete Wilcock, better known as “Pimp Daddy” on his Web site, where popular snacks are made bigger … but not necessarily better.
Prize-worthy snack “pimps” (as seen on
• Twix of Terror
• Reese’s Mothership
• King Rolo
• Crème de la Crème Egg
• The Super Smartie
• BigKat
• Top of the Pop-Tarts
• Brownietastic
• Damn Good Danish
• Mega Massive Mars
Possible “pimpable” snacks (just a few suggestions)
• Tater Tots
• Ritz crackers
• Twizzlers
• Gummy bears
• Soft pretzels
• Cinnamon rolls
• S’Mores
• Hot Pockets
• Cheetos
• McDonald’s apple pie