Ocean-Spray ITG
has Launched a new Berryfusions Fruits variety: Glycerated Apple Cinnamon. Adding Glycerin to the Apple Cinnamon Increases the Number of Applications Possible — Namely, for Trail mix and Other Lower-activity Products. Process-intensive Products Such as Bagels and Cookies Also can use This Ingredient. Other Berryfusions Fruits Include Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange, Mango, Cherry and Blueberry.
Ocean Spray
Lakeville-Middleboro, Massachusetts

iDeserv Crunch Chocolate Bar features dark chocolate with a Fiber Krunch crisp. It contains 35% dietary fiber and 35% fewer calories than many carbohydrates. It also is easy to formulate in multiple applications. And its texture stays crispy longer, resulting in great taste.
Cargill, Inc.
Hammond, Ind.

Research suggests that eating high-ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) foods may help slow the process of aging. Kerry Ingredients’ new SuperFruit nutrition bar features high-ORAC fruit inclusions, including real pomegranate fruit powder and an acai puree filling, an increasingly popular Brazilian fruit known for its mega antioxidants. The SuperFruit bar also contains a good source of protein and 500 mg. of Omega-3 (per 50 gm. bar), which is virtually undetectable thanks to Kerry’s patented encapsulation technologies.
Kerry Ingredients
Beloit, Wis.

Tate and Lyle
 is helping the U.S. foodservice industry cut the trans fats from their menus with a wide range of ingredients and its expertise in reformulating foods. Tate and Lyle’s formulations are available for a number of desserts, ranging from chocolate brownies and lemon meringue pie to lemon berry bars and apple spice cake. In addition, the company can help bakers lower the sugar, fat and calorie levels in their products.
Tate & Lyle
Decatur Ill.

Loders Croklaan’s SansTrans RS39 T20
is a reduced saturate, trans fat-free, non-hydrogenated, all-purpose shortening that offers the same functionality as traditional bakery shortenings, but with 30% less saturated fat than typical trans fat-free alternatives. This ingredient is designed for baking cookies, cakes, fillings and dairy substitute systems. The shortening is based on palm and canola oil, and is naturally saturate. Its solid fat crystallizes readily in the ideal beta-prime form.
Loders Croklaan
Channahon, Ill.

Caravan Products’
new Six Grain Plus is a tasty blend of six hearty whole grains, with no refined sugar of any kind. It does not have the bitter taste or harsh texture often associated with whole grain bread. Six Grain Plus may be added at 10% and 25% to any baked goods, from sub rolls to rye bread to gourmet muffins. It can be added to a base, mix or even scratch formulas to create delicious, healthy variety products. Using this blend could qualify the final baked product for certain health claims concerning whole grains and fiber. Caravan can give advice based on individual formulas. Six Grain Plus is available in 50-lb. cartons.
Caravan Products
Totowa, N.J.