The Power of Three

If you ask Performance Chemicals & Ingredients Co. (PCI Co.), good things — make that great things — come in threes.
The St. Louis-based company is parent to three key suppliers to the baked goods, beverage and snack food industries: Diehl Food Ingredients, a spray-dried emulsified powders producer; Emulsion Technology, Inc., a specialty emulsifier systems manufacturer; and SensoryEffects, a lipid-based delivery system manufacturer. All PCI products are based on lipid chemistry and are multi-component, value-added delivery systems, custom-designed for specific functionality in targeted and end-use applications.
In May of 2006, PCI acquired Diehl, Inc. of Defiance, Ohio, and formed Diehl Food Ingredients, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of powdered ingredient systems for products such as dry beverages, soups, sauces, dairy products and baked goods. Its offerings include spray-dried creaming agents, whipped topping bases, fat-based powders and powdered emulsifiers.
The move built upon the company’s plan to build a specialty food ingredients business through targeted acquisitions and organic growth. At the time, PCI president Charles A. Nicolais called the transaction “the first acquisition of several planned in the food ingredients area.”
Nicolais wasn’t kidding. In October of that same year, PCI purchased the Channahon, Ill.-based SensoryEffects business unit from Loders Croklaan, LLC, complementing its prior acquisition and adding to its arsenal of services. SensoryEffects makes specialized, lipid-based inclusions that deliver flavor, aroma, color, texture and nutrients such as Omega 3 to food products using both patented and proprietary technology.
“The SensoryEffects business is a great example of our objective to add complementary specialty food ingredients product lines,” Nicolais said.
Since acquiring Diehl and SensoryEffects, PCI has greatly expanded the brands. For example, in March, it introduced Diehl Organics, a line of certified organic specialty powders such as Jerzee Organic and Centennial Organic, trans fat- and cholesterol-free dairy protein-based systems that were first to market in their respective categories.
As PCI continues to move forward, its focus on niche products from three leading companies makes it not just a double, but a triple threat.
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