A new Brochure Highlights the Latest Machinery Systems for Weighing, Checkweighing, Snack Bagmaking, Conveying, Distribution, Inspection, and Packaging From heat and Control, Ishida And ceia.  to Receive a Copy, Contact Heat and Control, Inc.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.
T.L. Green Biscuit & Cracker, a division of Reading Bakery Systems, offers the Independence Wirecut Machine for wire-cut cookies and other low-pressure dough-forming applications. The machine uses a filler block that funnels dough from the grooved forcing rolls into the die cups mounted above the wire-cutting mechanism. At the bottom of the die, the dough pieces are cut at speeds of up to 150 cuts per minute and dropped onto a transfer conveyor belt or solid oven baking band.
Reading Bakery Systems
Robesonia, Penn.
Masipack N.A. introduces the MXVK bag leak testing device. This rugged, pneumatic, all-acrylic leak testing tank offers quick tests on all types of flexible packages. Mounted on a stainless steel table with casters, the MXVK can be used for GMP procedures or to identify seal jaw assembly issues.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.
Packaging Systems Automation, Inc. offers labor-saving solutions to product/package accumulating-timing with a new adjustable servo-driven timing gate. Functions consist of count and accumulate, buffer zone, automatic product/package loading into open-top cartons or flights (article buckets), and retiming of single random products. It is ideal for instant oatmeal, microwave popcorn, bagged products, card stock, blister packs, tubes, or any product or package that can be conveyed.
PSA, Inc.
Plymouth, Minn.
Masipack N.A.’s Smart Belt bag collating and collection device can be integrated with any vertical form/fill/seal machine producing pillow bags. The package is conveyed from the bagger to a star wheel mechanism that rotates the package 90 degrees and places it on an indexing conveyor for easy removal.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.
Great Western Manufacturing’s QA24 In-Line sifter has a space-saving design, Tru-Balance drive, and a pneumatic dome elevation system. It can be inserted into a vacuum or dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying system. The QA24 is available with two to five sieves with net screen areas from 4 to 10 sq. ft. and is ideal for dry free-flowing powders. It has smooth surfaces with fewer weldments and snap-on neoprene gaskets.
Great Western Manufacturing
Leavenworth, Kan.
(image: LowProfileIdler_PR_photo.pdf)
SpanTech has introduced the Low Profile Idler Assembly. Product as small as 4 in. can be transferred without stalling and without the use of a transfer bridge. The small profile height also allows smaller clearances for stacked conveyors. Maintenance is simplified, thanks to the single-bolt removal capability of the Idler Wearstrip. In conjunction with the SpanTech Intermediate Drive Unit, the idlers can be used at both ends of the conveyor.
SpanTech, LLC
Glasgow, Ky.
(image: SWS310.jpg)
METTLER TOLEDO’s new SWS310 tension weigh modules with the SLS410 load cell let users convert a suspended hopper or vessel into a scale. The mounting hardware is durable enough to withstand harsh industrial environments and support the vessel safely. The clevis and rod assemblies are able to compensate for slight misalignment, which helps provide accurate and repeatable weighing.
Columbus, Ohio
(image: Dorner_Unibar_Fastener.jpg)
On Dorner Manufacturing’s new Unibar Fastener Clipper Splice, all the teeth or hooks are joined by a single bar stretching the length of the conveyor. This feature prevents teeth that may become loose during operation from detaching from the conveyor belt. The splice also has a lower profile, giving the belt a smoother surface and reducing the chance for teeth to catch and capture fragments of moving product.  
Dorner Manufacturing
Hartland, Wisc.
(image: werner_wirecut_filler_block)
Baker Perkins has extended its range of wire-cut machines for cookies to include a unit designed for specialist and lower-volume manufacturers. At the heart of the Werner Wirecut is Baker Perkins’ latest die technology, which solves the problems of poor weight control that can adversely affect existing machines, even after rebuilding. The uncomplicated design uses modern components and materials that keep operating, cleaning, and maintenance costs to a minimum.
Baker Perkins
Grand Rapids, Mich.
(image: EZx_upgrade.jpg)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., offers a major upgrade to its Thermo Scientific EZx contaminant detection system. Key benefits include image zoom, smarter Quicklearn, a new edge mask, simplified image exporting, an optimized data storage architecture, run-mode filter changes, improved statistics, software belt stop, improved USB memory stick operation, and a hardware upgrade to the image processing unit. It also expands storage capabilities up to 500 product programs.
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.
(image in PDF)
Masipack N.A. offers the Stylus horizontal flow wrapper. Designed for lower-speed
applications where hand feeding may be required, the Stylus has all the features of the company’s higher-speed units, including Allen-Bradley controls, and many in-feed options including tray and card feeders.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.