Masipack N.A. Introduces the Model SUP 160 and 250 Horizontal Pouch Machines. the sup Machines use Allen-bradley Controls and can Produce Three Side Seal or Stand-up Pouches. Options Include all Types of Filler Units, Zipper Attachment and Easy-open Tear-notch Assemblies.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.

Mepaco’s Clean Sweep surge loaders
allow users to eliminate loss yields and cross-contamination. With the Clean Sweep design, which fosters a “first in, first out” conveyance of lean and high-fat products, it’s not necessary to collect lost yields at the end of a shift. Available with bead-blast, pickle passivated or electro-polished finishes, the Mepaco Clean Sweep offers an engineered solution that is “reliable by design.”
Beaver Dam, Wis.

new triple shaft model VMC-40S Sanitary VersaMix mixer line features type 316 stainless steel wetted parts polished to a 180-grit finish. The unit includes a self-contained high shear rotor stator mixer with SLIM for solids induction, a conventional high-speed disperser and a three-wing anchor with Teflon scrapers. The vessels are jacketed to heat or cool and can operate to 29-1/2 hg vacuum and 15 psi internal pressure.
Charles Ross and Son Co.
Hauppauge, NY

The Peerless Group
has re-designed its Tine dough feeder for enhanced sanitation and maintenance. Designed for dry and/or agglomerated doughs, the feeder efficiently breaks, spreads and forwards dough for even feeding of downstream dough-forming machines. Designed and certified to BISCC standards, its components can easily withstand washdown sanitation. The units can be fed by multiple mixers and integrated with the company’s proprietary automated conventional batch mixer system for fully automated bakery production.
The Peerless Group
Sidney, Ohio

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc.
introduces the enhanced Cornerstone series of checkweighers, which features the company’s new X-series controllers. Fully integrated Cornerstone checkweighers can be used to control upstream processes, reducing under-fill and over-fill products by providing automatic, real-time feedback to fillers on trends or out-of-tolerance conditions. The checkweighers are available in configurations that include painted carbon steel, stainless steel standard and sanitary construction. They are available in four standard sizes, each with different belt widths and product weight ranges.
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc.
Ithaca, NY

With a nose diameter of 3.5 in., SpanTech LLC’s low-profile idler assembly can eliminate the need for transfer devices at conveyor in-feed/discharge interfaces. Products as small as 4 in. can be transferred without stalling and without the use of a transfer bridge. The small profile height also allows the clearances required for stacked conveyors to be reduced. Existing conveyors can be retrofitted with the low-profile idler as a direct replacement for the previous equipment.
SpanTech, LLC
Glasgow, Ky.

Schenck AccuRate’s MECHATRON LC feeder
is suited for feeding dry minor ingredients at rates as low as .002 ft? per hour. The feeder includes AC drive packages, a Coni-Flex flexible conical hopper, and the ability to be disassembled, cleaned, reconfigured, and serviced from the non-process side of the feeder. The LC is available in both volumetric and gravimetric models with accuracies up to ± ?% of feed rate setpoint at 2 sigma.
Schenck AccuRate Whitewater, Wis.

introduces a BF-15W single band slicer model that has been specifically developed for pita chip manufacturers. The slicer features precise control of slicing blade height across the full 34-in. product slicing width. Pita bread is fed into the slicer and horizontally sliced in half. Typical slicing characteristics result in each slice weighing within 10% of its corresponding half. The blade scraper and blade oiler features allow for slicing of many types of pita.
Jackson, Mich.

The German bakery equipment manufacturer MIWE has developed the new MIWE lift-in rack oven especially for the U.S. market in conjunction with its U.S. subsidiary. Excellent thermal performance and elasticity guarantee quick heating and continuous baking. The oven takes only six to eight hours to install and can normally start operation on the day it is installed.
MIWE America LLC
Hillsborough, N.J.

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed
has replaced its entry-level A-Series checkweigher with the new XC3. The system features IP 54 capability, compact size, three-belt design and robust construction. The new displays also are available as upgrades to existing Hi-Speed machines. The XC3’s 5.7-in. QVGA touchscreen dashboard-style display provides intuitive, menu-driven access to basic checkweigher functions.
Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc.
Ithaca, NY

Dorner’s AquaPruf motorized pulley conveyor platform
 is designed for sanitary conveyor applications that need to fit tight spaces. The gearbox and motor on the AquaPruf are located inside the pulley, which streamlines the conveyor’s profile. The equipment also offers enhanced sanitary design. By removing the external drive, there are fewer collection points, and the completely sealed spindle provides total ingress protection from the environment. Additionally, there are no moving parts on the frame of this quiet conveyor.
Dorner Manufacturing Corp.
Hartland, Wis.

Masipack N.A.
’s Ultra-Fast model is an all Allen-Bradley controlled, servo driven continuous motion V.F.F. & S. pillow bagging machine. With production speeds of up to160 ppm, theUltra-Fast model is suited for high-speed snack food or powder applications and, with the D-motion jaw assembly, you can use a wide variety of film structures.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.