Clever Concepts for a Cornucopia of Customers

It’s amazing how a clever idea makes a businessman seem like a genius. At the International Baking Industry Exposition, Rondo Doge, one of the world’s leading suppliers of dough processing machinery and equipment, displayed an impressive range of intelligent systems that captured the imagination of everyone from artisan to industrial bakers.
For wholesale bakers and large food producers, Rondo Doge has developed a wide range of equipment for the industrial production of croissants, pastry, pizza and bread. Equipment such as its dough band former OSCAR 3 or universal filling depositor provided attendees with the possibility of experiencing high standards of construction with Rondo Doge’s industrial equipment.
For pizza producers, Rondo Doge offers automated pizza crust production lines with inline intermediate proofing chambers, notes Jerry Murphy, president of Rondo Doge, Moonachie, N.J.
In conjunction with the proofing chamber, he adds, a pressing device can be used to make frozen high-side rim pizzas, similar to Italian bistro hand-made pizzas. That device not only presses the crust, but it also simulates the action of human hands to give the product its authentic appearance and texture.
For automatic production, the company showed two complete production lines, including one modular laminating system called Rondo MLC and a brand-new make-up line named Starline.
The Rondo Modular Laminating Concept (Rondo MLC) is designed for the continuous production of laminated dough blocks and dough bands. This line was developed to close the gap between artisan and highly automated producers. With its modular set up, the Rondo MLC is easily expandable as a company’s business grows.
The make-up line Starline is designed for industrial use and stands for outstanding performance and maximum robustness, as well as for ease of operation and trendsetting hygiene.
Another line included the zero-stress dough band former Smartline and the innovative make-up line Polyline. The unique adjustable satellite head is the heart of the Smartline, making it a truly universal dough band former. Thanks to this patented feature, the Smartline gently produces a diversified number of products, from bread to yeast and short dough, as well as all types of laminated dough. Additionally, the Polyline is a make-up line for small- and medium-sized bakeries. The modular line can be tailored to meet any customer’s needs.
To exhibit its range of mechanical and electronic sheeters, Rondo Doge rolled out the brand-new electronic sheeter Rondostar 4000. This stainless-steel sheeter is equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen.
Rondo Doge has a long-standing tradition of performing live demonstrations, and that tradition continued at the IBIE 2007 with demonstrations on the Rondo MLC and Starline lines, as well as on Smartline and Polyline systems. These demonstrations illustrated the performance and versatility of Rondo Doge’s equipment.
No matter what the challenges are, Rondo Doge offers intelligent solutions that will make any executive look like the smartest operator in the industry.
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