Versatile System Produces Variety of Products

With years of experience serving the food processing industry, Reiser hardly can be considered a new kid on the block. In fact, an array of small and large food manufacturers from across the world has been using the company’s extensive line of high-performance Vemag systems for decades.
At the International Baking Industry Exposition, held last month in Orlando, Fla., the Canton, Mass.-based company branched out to specifically target the major players in the bread aisle with new production systems that offer versatility, accuracy, consistency and easy maintenance.
For example, Reiser displayed its high-speed Vemag Bun & Roll divider, which handles doughs with absorption rates ranging from 45% to 95%. As a result, the machine can handle everything from a batch of stiff bagel dough to soft English muffin dough.
Depending on an industrial baker’s needs, the divider can be set up to run from 4- to 8-pocket configurations and can make more than 150 cuts per minute. It can portion out dough pieces weighing anywhere from 5 g. to 20 kg. Moreover, the system has the ability to store 99 preset formulas into its computer, making consistent production of products easy and foolproof.
“On English muffins, we’ve seen increased line efficiencies up to 5%, as well as increased absorption rates due to the gentle handing of Vemag’s unique positive displacement Double Screw technology,” explains Ron Mullins, corporate bakery accounts manager for Reiser.
An “In-line Developer,” he notes, can be added easily to the system to produce a fine-crumb-structured hamburger bun and then removed in minutes to produce an open-crumb-structured hard roll. As a result, changeovers are made quickly, allowing bakers to produce a complete line of products for almost every consumer need. 
The Vemag divider comes in various sizes and features a servo cutter as well as the unique positive displacement, double-screw system for gentle handling. It’s an established system with a proven track record, and the payback is better than expected, Mullins states. It requires no divider oil and guarantees exact weight from lane to lane, without adjustments. In fact, the machine can portion out dough pieces with a 1% standard deviation.
In addition to its standard models, Mullins says, custom-designed dividers are available with up to 20 lanes providing the same incredible weight accuracy.
For high-speed bread dividing, the easy-to-maintain extruder divider can be outfitted with a different attachment to crank out up to 200 cuts per minute, with a single servo cut-off or two-lane configuration. The system can handle string rolls, as well as everything from open-crumb focaccia to tightly textured conventional pan breads.
“It’s perfect for large industrial bakers,” Mullins notes. “Both dividers can handle a variety of breads and rolls, from white bread to multigrain to 100% whole grain varieties.”
No, Reiser hardly is the new kid on the block. However, this cagey veteran of the food industry continues to come up with new innovations to better serve the baking and food industries. SF&WB
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