Equipment Briefs

Wire Belt’s new Compactgrid Conveyor Belt is Ideal for Cooking Operations Such as Conveyorized Fryers or Ovens. Compactgrid Transfers a Product out of an Oven and Onto a Cooling Line. Made of Stainless Steel, the Belt Won’t Sweat, Slip, Droop, sag or Catch Fire. its Open Design Makes it a Solution for Cooling Freshly Baked or Freshly Fried Products in High-volume, High-throughput Processes.
Wire Belt Company of America
Londonderry, N.H.

Ashworth’s new one-inch pitch Omni-Pro 100 grid belt can continuously withstand tensions of 200 lb. for more than 100,000 cycles. Its link design incorporates a 360-degree rod-to-link zero-tension weld. The rod end is completely melted and fused into the link by robotic welders, while a protrusion leg feature prevents the belt’s welds from coming into contact with spiral cage bars. The Omni-Pro 100 can be outfitted with reduced radius links to achieve turn ratios as low as 1.7:1.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Winchester, Va.

Among Hinds-Bock’s industrial muffin and cake batter depositors are standard and custom systems — from stand-alone depositors to complete 12,000 pound-per-hour production depositing lines — including tray and cup de-nesting, multiple batter depositors, pan oilers, and dry ingredient depositors. The company’s industrial muffin and cake depositors and depositing lines can be fed by its bulk intermediate hoppers.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline introduces the PowerPhasePLUS RB metal detector for inspecting bulk products. The new detector features Safeline’s advanced coil technology and has a wide aperture that is well-suited for bulk bags, yet also can inspect any dry, wet, loose or packed bulk product. Built on the PowerPhase software platform, the detector finds even difficult-to-detect nonmagnetic stainless steel and fine wire contaminants.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline
Tampa, Fla.

A new brochure highlights the latest machinery systems for weighing, checkweighing, snack bagmaking, conveying, distribution, inspection, and packaging from Heat and Control, Ishida and CEIA.  To receive a copy, contact Heat and Control, Inc.
Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.

T.L. Green Biscuit & Cracker, a division of Reading Bakery Systems, offers the Independence Wirecut Machine for wire-cut cookies and other low-pressure dough-forming applications. The machine uses a filler block that funnels dough from the grooved forcing rolls into the die cups mounted above the wire-cutting mechanism. At the bottom of the die, the dough pieces are sliced at speeds of up to 150 cuts per minute and dropped onto a transfer conveyor belt or solid oven baking band.
Reading Bakery Systems
Robesonia, Penn.

Masipack N.A. introduces the MXVK bag leak testing device. This rugged, pneumatic, all-acrylic leak testing tank offers quick tests on all types of flexible packages. Mounted on a stainless steel table with casters, the MXVK can be used for GMP procedures or to identify seal jaw assembly issues.
Masipack N.A.
Lakeland, Fla.

Fritsch’s latest dough sheeting machines — the ROLLFIX 300 and 600 — offer new features and practical improvements, such as a flour duster that doesn’t require lifting operation, a quick belt release for easy cleaning and maintenance, and a roller gap that has been widened to 45 mm. to allow bakers to start with thicker dough sheet. The redesigned protective covers are bigger, as well. ROLLFIX 600 also offers a new color touchscreen control panel, an ergonomically optimized user interface and a frequency controlled belt drive, among other features.
Fritsch USA Inc.
Cedar Grove, N.J.

With a nose diameter of 3.5 in., SpanTech LLC’s low-profile idler assembly can eliminate the need for transfer devices at conveyor in-feed/discharge interfaces. Products as small as 4 in. can be transferred without stalling and without the use of a transfer bridge. The small profile height also allows the clearances required for stacked conveyors to be reduced. Existing conveyors can be retrofitted with the low-profile idler as a direct replacement for the previous equipment.
SpanTech, LLC
Glasgow, Ky.

Ross’s new triple shaft model VMC-40S Sanitary VersaMix mixer line features type 316 stainless steel wetted parts polished to a 180-grit finish. The unit includes a self-contained high shear rotor stator mixer with SLIM for solids induction, a conventional high-speed disperser and a three-wing anchor with Teflon scrapers. The vessels are jacketed to heat or cool and can operate to 29-1/2 hg vacuum and 15 psi internal pressure.
Charles Ross and Son Co.
Hauppauge, NY

The Peerless Group has re-designed its Tine dough feeder for enhanced sanitation and maintenance. Designed for dry and/or agglomerated doughs, the feeder efficiently breaks, spreads and forwards dough for even feeding of downstream dough-forming machines. Designed and certified to BISCC standards, its components can easily withstand washdown sanitation. The units can be fed by multiple mixers and integrated with the company’s proprietary automated conventional batch mixer system for fully automated bakery production.
The Peerless Group
Sidney, Ohio