Ingredient Briefs

’s new POWERFlex Blends can be ssed to create tortillas that rRoll easily without cracking or breaking, all while adding shelf-life. Anti-staling technology ensures long-lasting tortilla softness and flexibility. In addition, the blend results in pliable, machinable dough that is easier to press, has reduced dwell time and optimizes the efficiency of the product line. Tortillas are easier to separate during production and when removed from the package.
Danisco USA, Inc.
New Century, Kan.

Natural Butter Flavor 1004011 by Edlong Dairy Flavors is a concentrated dairy ingredient with recommended usage levels averaging only 0.26% in bakery formulations. Formulated with Edlong’s proprietary double encapsulation technology, the butter flavor lends an upscale taste of sweet, melted butter with a hint of caramel in the background to products ranging from croissants, desserts and cookies to biscuits, buns and biscotti.
Edlong Dairy Flavors
Elk Grove Village, Ill.
Rivland Partnership offers natural brown rice meal, which is a specially prepared rice meal produced from whole grain brown rice or par-boiled brown rice. Ideal as a nutritional ingredient in natural snacks and bakery mixes, natural brown rice meal is available in 45-lb. paper bags and in bulk.
Rivland Partnership
Houston, Texas
Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s SmartBind natural wheat proteins can be used in nutrition bars, cereal coatings, whole grain baked goods, microwavable bakery products and other food applications. An extension of ADM’s Prolite line, SmartBind can be used in products that require natural ingredients to increase protein, enhance structure, reduce sugar and fat, and replace eggs or dairy products.
Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Decatur, Ill.
Allied Blending & Ingredients blends leavening, dough conditioners, preservatives and other functional ingredients to form a pre-measured BatchPak that the tortilla manufacturer can add to its flour. The BatchPak can be an ABI formulation or the tortilla maker’s own formulation. Advantages include unbeatable consistency, reduced raw material inventory and the elimination of raw material weigh-up.
Allied Blending & Ingredients
Keokuk, Iowa
Azteca Milling’s pre-gel flours bring health and nutrition to baked goods. Customers can choose from products that are 100% natural; made from whole grain corn; hypo-allergenic/gluten-free; a source of protein, fiber or Omega-6 and -9; or cholesterol-free, among other attributes. With wheat flour prices at an all-time high, substituting nixtamalized corn flour in wheat flour formulations will result in cost savings.
Azteca Milling
Madera, Calif.