Mixed With Flour, Yeast and Water, Caravan Ingredients’ Slipper Deluxe 5 produces a Wonderful Sour Taste, With Open Texture and a Chewy Crust That Define Classic European Ciabatta Bread and Rolls. With the use of Slipper Deluxe 5, Production Time in Ciabatta-style Bread and Rolls is Reduced Through the Elimination of Fermentation Time. mix to a Fully Developed Dough, and It’s Ready to go — no Rest Time Required.
Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kan.

A new brochure from Cargill Texturizing Solutions discusses the benefits of galactomannans, marketed under the VISCOGUM name. Guar and locust bean gums have excellent synergy with other hydrocolloids to thicken and/or form gels in a wide variety of food applications, including bakery products.
Cargill Texturing Solutions
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Advanced Food Systems’ Salt Replacer T#16 and AFS Sea Salt Replacer T#2
are made with natural flavors, and are allergen-free and specially formulated to provide a clean flavor and minimize the bitterness that is common to many salt replacers. For labeling purposes, Sea Salt Replacer T#2 is made with a small amount of sea salt, but contains 50% less sodium. AFS Salt Substitute NTF-25 can replace 25% to 50% of salt in a variety of foods.
Advanced Food Systems
Somerset, N.J.