November 2004

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

True to Tradition

Cover Story
- The Neighborhood
One of the inventors of the in-store bakery concept, Chicago-based Heinemann’s has evolved into a national wholesaler, all the while staying true to its traditional methods and quality.

Bonus Feature
- Team Ruiz
- Tons of Tortillas

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient showcase
- Digest with Litesse, Butter Burst and more...
- Ingredient Spolight
Life is Sweet…and Now A Little Sweeter

From the Floor
- Managing Expectations

Ingredient R&D
- Mother Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
Adding fruit, packed with essential vitamins and disease-fighting nutrients, to baked goods allows bakers to upscale products by making them more healthy.
- The Nut House

Cutting Edge
- Sanitary Gravity Roller, SpanTech LLC and more...
Check out the latest new systems that can increase your capacity, improve your plant’s efficiency and save you gobs of money.

   The SFA Section   
- Record Number Attend SFA Management Workshop in Cleveland
- President’s Column
Keeping Member Benefits Top of Mind
- Up and Down the Street
Meeting Customer’s Expectations

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- What the Huh?
A Florida man sues Atkins claiming that the diet almost killed him. Who’s guilty? Dan Malovany looks into the case between dumb and dumber.

Market Watch
- Sea Change
The cookie industry has been hammered by a perfect storm of negative news, but now many companies believe the category has endured the worst and are forecasting better days ahead.

New Products
- Sugar-Free Milano Cookies, Allergen and Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread and more...

- People on the Move
- Whole New Ballgame
The low-carb trend was this year’s story. Next year, the focus will be on whole grains. Just see what the wholesale bakers in the U.S. and Canada are doing to add a more wholesome image to the bread aisle.
- Supplier News