December 2004

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

True to Tradition

Cover Story
- Slow and Steady But Always Ready
J.S.B. Industries Ancient bard and fabulist Aesop once quipped, “whatever you do, do with all your might.” J.S.B. Industries, Inc. is doing just that with a creative new focus on healthy, fortified baked goods for children that leave school foodservice programs wanting more.

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient Showcase
- Superb SensoryEffects, Delicious Dairy Flavors and more...
Check out the latest ingredients to help you develop new bakery and snack goods that will keep your customers asking for more.
- Sweets for the Sweet, Power of Oats and more...

Cutting Edge Equipment
- Multitasking to The Max
Bakers and snack producers are looking for depositors that are accurate, durable, versatile, easy to clean and simple to changeover. Also check out the latest new systems that can increase your capacity and improve your plant’s efficiency in our expanded coverage starting this month.
- Cutting edge
- The Need for Speed

   The SFA Section   
Snack Food Association
- Snack Industry Responds to Call for More Whole Grains
- Defining Whole Grain in Foods
- Show Deals, Cash-Prize Giveaways! and more...
- Las Vegas Is The Place To Be!
Using POP to Reach Hispanic Shoppers
- Chairman’s Letter

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- Gut Feelings
See Dan Malovany literally and shamelessly ride on the Republican bandwagon. Also, check out why he’s happy this strange year has come to an end.

Market Watch
- Secret Weapons
New shapes and flavors could give the pretzel industry the armor it needs to ward off competing savory snacks in the supermarket aisle.

Bonus Market Watch
- Snack Attack
Many cracker manufacturers are adding new products, promotions and marketing programs that not-too-subtly resemble the successful strategies used by traditional salted snack producers.

New Products
- Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins, Hostess Ogre Green Twinkies and more...

- Krispy Kreme Can’t Glaze Over Bad News
Krispy Kreme cannot glaze over the bad news that just keeps on coming. Interstate Bakeries closes yet another facility. Get a sneak preview into the upcoming American Society of Baking meeting and lots more.
- Business Briefs
- People on the Move

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