April 2005

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery


Cover Story
- Galaxy Desserts
Offering decadent products that are the choice of the stars, Galaxy Desserts blasted off to success at its startup in 1998. Hitchhike along with SF&WB and find out how the founders of this young company recently guided it successfully into a new era and a new, 52,000-sq.-ft. facility.

Bonus Feature
- Opportunity Knocks
When opportunities knock, Kraft Pizza Co. is quick to respond, hoping to earn for itself a major slice of the pizza industry. See how Kraft keeps itself at the top of its game, ready to pounce on the next pizza-making trends.

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient Showcase
- Williams Ingredients, J.R. Short Milling Co. and more...
- Rebalancing Healthfulness And Taste

Ingredient R&D
- The Dark Side
The “Dark Side” is growing in popularity — dark chocolate that is. But unlike following the mythical, movie-world Dark Side, joining the “Dark Side” of chocolate has very healthy benefits.

Ingredient Handling
- Consistency Is Key
Automation of ingredient-handling processes is more economical and more efficient today, but that automation must batch ingredients accurately and consistently, or downtime increases.

Pizza Equipment
- Pie In The Sky Goals
Added versatility and faster output are key goals for equipment manufacturers when developing new technology for the pizza-manufacturing world.
- Cutting Edge

Corporate Profile
-APV Baker, Ashworth Bros., Inc. and more...

   The SFA Section   
Serving the International Snack Food Industry
- SNAXPO 2005 Hosts Snack Manufacturers From Around The World
- Chairman’s Letter
- A Look Back
- Up And Down The Street

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
In a column that might make Clint Eastwood proud, Dan Malovany speaks the truth about the latest “good,” “bad” and “ugly” news hitting the industry.

Business Trends & Analysis
- Power In Numbers
Get the inside scoop on a groundbreaking meeting between nearly a dozen bakery and snack food organizations.
- Business Briefs
- People On The Move
- IDDBA: In-store Bakeries Target Hispanic Consumers
Learn from the IDDBA and managing editor Andy Hanacek about the untapped potential of the Hispanic-consumer group.
- A Second Opinion
- Say Cheese

Market Watch
- On The Rebound
Bread is back, baby! Well, at least it’s on the rebound now that whole grains, specialty breads and variety breads are the talk of the town.

New Products
- Nature’s Own Special Mornings 100% Whole Grain Breakfast Bread, Ritz Dinosaur Crackers and more...

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