August 2005

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery


Cover Story
- Hitting The Sweet Spot
It’s been a challenging ride, but Addison, Ill.-based Clyde’s Delicious Donuts has been able to make adjustments and position itself in a sweet spot for future success. See how Clyde’s has stayed on the positive side of things and how its 56,000-sq.-ft. plant pumps out donuts and other baked sweet goods.

Special Report
- Trimming The Fat
The trans fat labeling mandate is four months away, and bakers and snack manufacturers still are weighing their options in response to the Food & Drug Administration’s impending regulations. Read about the industry’s alternatives in this special report.

   Technology & Development   
Ingredient Showcase
- Commercial Creamery, Pizzey’s Milling and more...
- Raise The Banner

Cutting Edge
- Amixon Inc., NuTec Manufacturing and more...
- From The Floor

   The SFA Section   
Serving the International Snack Food Industry
- SNAXPO Goes To Las Vegas!
- Snack Food Opportunities In The Pacific Rim
- Chairman’s Letter
- Up And Down The Street
- SNACKEX Addresses Global Issues
- A Look Back

   Business & Marketing   
Editor’s Note
- Yet Another Dang Chapter
Dan Malovany takes aim at two of his favorite targets — Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Atkins Nutritionals — but says we may not have seen the last of these two headline-makers.

Market Watch
- Fresh Perceptions
Manufacturers of premium breads have seen the popularity of their products increase of late, spurred on by an improved consumer awareness of and demand for whole-grain and other healthful inclusions.

New Products
- Vitalicious 100-Calorie Vitabrownie, Dove Premium Cookies and more...
See what bakers and snack manufacturers are rolling out this month, including 100-Calorie VitaBrownies and DOVE Premium Cookies.

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