January 2006

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

Sugar Bowl Bakery

   Cover Feature   
Cover Story
- The Bowl Supremacy
Food safety and security standards are stringent at San Francisco’s Sugar Bowl Bakery, a $40 million family-owned and -operated business that relies on good old-fashioned family values.

Innovations in equipment
- Coming Full Circle
State-of-the-art belts and conveyers take transportation of goods to a whole new level.
- Filmography
Toray Plastics unveils new packaging technologies.
- Hinds-Bock, Wire Belt and more...

Tech brief
- Now A User-Friendly IBA 2006

   Retail Channel Strategies   
Foodservice trends
- A Different Type Of Animal
Understanding indulgent eaters is key for foodservice chains that hope to profit from lower-fat and reduced-calorie offerings, in addition to the standard fare.

Focus on your customers
- Supermarket Rebounds In Price-Driven Market
The outlook is good for the 2006 supermarket industry, according to the Food Marketing Institute. Despite mergers, Chapter 11 filings and increased fuel costs, companies of all sizes are performing well.
- Dunkin’ Brands Brainstorms
Best known for its fresh donuts and coffee, Dunkin’ Brands is expanding its offerings to include an array of innovative sandwiches on a variety of breads.

   SFA Section   
SNACK FOOD Association
- The Jackpot For Great Ideas
- SFA’s 2006 Day In D.C. Spring Summit Announced
- SFA’s 2005 Halloween Snack Display Contest Winners

On the Hill
- On The Hill: Key Victories In Washington

- 2005: A Year Of Action And Achievement

   Formulation R&D   
Market trends
- Uneven Bars
Snack bars are big business for everyone from mom-and-pop startups to candy industry corporations.

- Pillsbury Ultimate Dessert Kits, Deli Style Pretzel Crisps and more...

Ingredient technology
- Disappearing Act
New trans fat labeling requirements have inspired some snack food producers to offer trans fat-free products and others to take a wait-and-see approach.
- Trans Tactics
- Starch Food Innovation, Tate & Lyle and more...
- Danisco’s, Wild Flavors and more...
- Viva Fat!

   Business Strategies   
Editor’s Note
- Still Not Good Enough?

Trends & analysis
- Weathering Winds Of Change
- Business Briefs
- People On The Move

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