April 2006

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SnackFood & WholeSale Bakery

The World of Baking...

Innovations in equipment
- Swift In Swiss Rolls
The Ramenskey Pastry Plant in Keznetcovo, Russia, is on a roll. Its acclaimed Swiss rolls have become competition for even Danish pastry producers.
- The Changing World Of Baking

Corporate Profiles
- Aasted-Mikroverk APS, Brolite Products Inc. and more...

   Retail Channel Strategies   
focus on your customers
- Wheat Wave
White, wheat and even sweet buns and rolls will be taking stores by storm this summer, as consumers prepare for the annual grilling season.

   SFA Section   
- To Get Results, You Must Participate

SNACK FOOD Association
- New SFA Chairman Focuses On The Future
- USDAS Secretary To Highlight ‘Day In D.C.’
- SNAXPO Attendees Hit Jackpot
- Offered At SNAXPO

market trends
- A-Salt On The Senses
Savory snacks pack a punch in the chip aisle.
- Under Wraps
The tortilla has become a major force in the bread aisle, offering consumers a selection of whole grain, organic and flavored varieties from which to choose.

ingredient technology
- Bean There, Done That
Consumers are becoming more open to the uses and benefits of soy, which now boasts many innovations … but not the beany taste.

New Products
- Sara Lee Made With Whole Grain White Buns, Banana Créme-Filled Twinkies and more...

   Business Strategies   
Editor’s Note
- Making The Grade

Trends & Analysis
- Why New Products Succeed … And Fail
Snack food and bakery providers have their hands full when it comes to creating consumer interest in new products. We examine how select manufacturers approach the process in part one of this informative
- People

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