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Nobody Does it Better

Cover Story
- Nobody Does it Better
A family-owned company, Better Made Snack Foods of Detroit has been making potato chips since 1930. No wonder the Better Madebrand name resonates so well with locals. Find out what products and changes are fueling the company.

Plant Story
- Detroit, Chip City
Better Made Snack Foods is picky about potatoes … and for good reason. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakerytours the manufacturer’s 250,000-sq.-ft. plant and reveals what makes its simple process so successful and how the company’s product is gaining regional recognition.

- Good Times, Bad Times
When wheat prices skyrocket, it’s a good thing for the baking industry. At least, that’s what some industry contrarians recently suggested to editor Dan Malovany.

Guest Column
- The Good Word About Grains
According to our guest columnist Allen Shiver, chairman of the Grain Foods Foundation marketing committee, “The Good Word About Grains” is that consumer interest in the category is growing … thanks, in part, to the foundation’s ongoing campaign message.

Business Strategies
Trends & analysis
-And Now, The 2007 Baking Hall of Famers
At the big BakingTech event in Chicago, the American Society of Baking
rolls out its new class for the industry’s Hall of Fame.
-Business Briefs
- People

Retail Channel Strategies
Focus on your customers
- Breakfast Forward
They’re not just for lunch anymore: Read up on the two-fisted breakfast
sandwiches that now are all the rage with a.m. eaters.
- Mmmmm … Doughnuts, Er, Bagels!

-Super-Soy THAT
When used in certain snack and bakery applications, soy has super powers that cannot be denied. Learn how you can use the nutritional benefits of this increasingly mainstream ingredient to benefit your business.
-Bunge Oils; Edlong Dairy Flavors...
-Ban-the-Trans Pressure
In our Ingredient Technology section, we take a look at the trans fat-free movement in the foodservice industry. Who’s doing it, and what does the future hold?

New products
-Baker’s Inn Sliced Bakery Bread; Utz Natural Kettle...

-POP Pursuit; Climbing the Pyramid...

Nosh Pit
-Once Upon a Tine

Engineering management
-Gentlemen, Start Your Bakeries
Columnist Jeff Dearduff is off to the races, comparing the roles of a NASCAR team to that of a bakery staff.

Innovations in equipment
-Ja, That’s Italian!
HASA bakes frozen pizzas the old-fashioned way at its modern 235,000-sq.-ft. plant in Berlin. Join us for a tour of the state-of-the-art facility.
-Sealing the Deal
Check out how consumer trends such as the need for convenient and on-the-go snacks are impacting your packaging department’s operations.

SFA Section
SNACK FOOD Association
-SNAXPO 2007— the Idea Hot Spot!
Coming in March, SNAXPO in Hollywood, Fla., promises to be an industry event to remember, chock-full of exhibitors, speakers and networking events. Details inside!
- Chairman’s Letter

My 15 Minutes
-Bringing Home the Bread
With so many varieties on the market today, consumers need more than just one breadbox. Managing Editor Deborah Cassell shares how her brother’s love of loaves is a testament to this carb-laden trend.

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