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Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

   SF&WB’s 2007 State of the Industry   
- Reality Bites

Bakery Foods: Bread Aisle
- The Ultimate Survivors
- Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?
- The Tribe Has Spoken
- America’s New Idols

Bakery Foods: Sweet Goods and Cookies
- The Sweet & Simple Life
- Flavors of Love

Salted Snacks
- The Final Rows
- No Pain with Grains
- Twist & Shout
- Last Cracker Standing
- Meat Market
- In the Nut House
- World Series of Popcorn Culture
- Breaking the ‘Road Rules’

Refrigerated/Frozen Foods
- Extreme Makeover: Pizza Edition
- Fear - Provoking Factors
- Post Big Gains

Editor’s Note
- Out of Control
All-natural. 15 Grain. 40% reduced fat. Labels such as these grace packages in the bakery and snack aisles everywhere, but are these nutritional claims real … or out of control?

   Business Strategies   
Trends & Analysis
- Sitting Down with Jack and Rich, Part 2
The heads of the IBIE Committee talk shop with SF&WBin the final installmen of this two-part series. Here, they tell us what attendees can expect from the fall show.
- Former Flowers Chairman Passes Away
- IBIE: The Next Generation
- Business Briefs
- People

   Foodservice Strategies   
Focus On Your Customers
- Oliver’s Twist
Jamie Oliver is more than just another celebrity chef from The Food Network. This British-born 30-something is spearheading his homeland’s new school nutrition initiative. Find out how – and why – in this exclusive interview.
- Unique Approaches to Innovation
When it comes to fast food, it’s not just the low prices that cause repeat business – it’s creativity. Just ask J.C. Gonzalez-Mendez, senior vice president of supply chain for McDonald’s North America.

Ingredient Technology
- Raisin the Bar
The California Raisin Marketing Board is out to make sure a certain dried fruit stays top of mind for health-conscious bakers, snack producers and consumers.
- Tabasco Brand Ingredients; Caravan Ingredients...

Innovations In Equipment
- Puttin’ on the Chips
Ubiquity Brands’ Jays plant uses the latest technology to produce, package and ship its popular regional product. Go inside the state-of-the-art facility.
- Masipack N.A. ; MARQ Packaging Systems, Inc. ...

Engineering Management
- Crossing Over
In the battle between automation and employees, it’s best to achieve a balance … and that’s the real bottom line.

   SFA Section   
Snack Food Association
- Hitting ‘The Hill’
During the Snack Food Association’s recent Day in D.C., members spoke frankly with Congressional representatives about issues affecting the industry. Read all about it.
- Chairman’s Letter
- Get Ready for SNAXPO 2008

My 15 Minutes
- Favorite Things
For FrauleinMaria, it’s raindrops on roses. For Oprah, it’s a Land’s Endbeach bags and the new Robin Thicke CD. For managing editor Deborah Cassell, it’s almost all snack foods and baked goods.

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