Cover Story
- About A Boy
As “chief dough boy” of Labriola Baking Co., Rich Labriola creates artisan breads that would make any Chicago Italian proud. In this exclusive interview, Rich reveals what’s so special about his company’s crusty baguettes.

Plant Story
- Purists At Heart
At Labriola Baking Co., production is less about automation and more about baking the old-fashioned way to create Old World-style loaves the beg to be eaten in today’s artisan bread environment. Go inside the company’s plant, and see how it’s done.

Editor’s Note
- The Niche Is Back
Life can be a niche, for bakers and snack producers, that is. And since everything old is new again, it’s time to revisit organics one more time.

Guest Column
- Grain Foods Gain Momentum
This month, Joel Crowder and Charlie Stout of the Grain Foods Foundation offer an update on the positive progress their organization has made since its inception back in 2004.

Business Strategies
Industry news
- Two SFA Snack Producers Named Entrepreneurs Of The Year
- Pre-Show Coverage

Market trends
- American Pie Culture
The only thing more American than apple pie is the innovative new varieties permeating in-store bakeries and freezer cases nationwide.

New Products
- Microsoy Better Bites; Jack Link’s Organic Beef Jerky...

Health Bites
- That’s ‘Sicko’; Aspartame Safety...
Get “Sicko” with Michael Moore, find out about Veggie Bootygone bad, and discover the truth about aspartame and cancer in SF&WB’s one-stop health news section.

Ingredient technology
- Slippery Slope
Trans fats might be disappearing from nutritional profiles, but saturated fats are taking their place. What are snack and baked goods producers to do?
- Strokes Of Genius
Puratos’ new Innovation Center near Brussels, Belgium, offers customers an opportunity to learn how to become better bakers.
- Minsa Corp.; Bunge Oils...

- Dollars And Sense

- Trimming The Fat
Gerstenberg Schröder shows bakeries how to cut costs by producing their own fat.
- Clean As A Whistle
New automated pan cleaners and washers are taking food safety to a new level, removing allergens and debris from the baking process.
- Take The Stress Out Of Baking
Artisan breads are a trend that’s here to stay. Find out how bakers such as La Brea and equipment manufacturers such as Rheon USA are taking advantage of this Old World-style resurgence.
- Masipack N.A.; Heat And Control...

SFA Section
Snack Food Association
- Fleet Issues Update
Transportation topics are top-of-mind for members of the Snack Food Association as the debate over recent congressional acts rages on.
- President’s Letter
- Snack Industry Issues In Europe Mirror Those In U.S.
- Get Ready For TQM

My 15 minutes
- Trans America
Trans fat is enemy No. 1 on the FDA’s most wanted list, and now cities and states are instituting bans on the artery-clogging shortening. What’s next? A boycott on flavor?

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