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Cover Story
- Thinking Beyond the Alphabet
Chicago’s own Alpha Baking leads the way when it comes to producing and delivering bread products for clients in several states. Here, executives reveal how the company runs its logistics model. In addition, find out why Alpha went the extra mile to acquire Manitowoc, Wis.-based Natural Ovens Bakery.

Plant Story
- Change of Pace
Go inside the Natural Ovens Bakery plant that Alpha Baking bought earlier this year, and find out why its executives think organic was the way to go. Also, learn all about the new process controls that Alpha brings to its new facility.

- ABC’s of Baking
Distributing baked goods to its many foodservice customers is as easy as A, B, C for Alpha Baking, whose recent Natural Ovens Bakery acquisition gives it leverage in the growing organic and all-natural bread market.

Guest Column
- Cooking Up a Storm
Wheat Foods Council president Marcia Scheideman shares how her organization helps “Mom, the Everyday Athlete” and is partnering with celebrity chef Gale Gand for an anniversary cookbook.

Business Strategies
Industry News
- Disney to Teach Fresh Approaches to Business
In this issue, read our exclusive Q&A with the programming director for the Disney Institute, which will be conducting a seminar in conjunction with the American Institute of Baking and the American Baking Association during IBIE. Also, check out the latest industry people news, including the ABA’s expanded government relations team.
- Bakers to Learn From Fellow Bakers
- ABA Adds Team Members
- People

Retail Channel Strategies
Market trends
- Ssshhh … These Snacks Are Private!
Branded snacks don’t rule the market when it comes to product innovation. Private label products challenge top industry players with new varieties of chips, pretzels, popcorn and more.

Focus on your customers
- How Mega Trends Fuel Kellogg’s Sales
In our interview with the president and CEO of industry leader Kellogg Co., David Mackay reveals how the Sunshine and Keebler brands changed its snack division, as well as what trends are impacting the category as a whole.

Ingredient technology
- Ready, Set, Bake
Bakers who want to save time and money can look to available mixes, concentrates and bases to produce baked goods ranging from doughnuts to croissants.
- Archer Daniels Midland Co.; National Cottonseed Products Association...
- Grape Expectations
Bakers can choose from a variety of raisins when producing baked goods. Find out which ones offer the characteristics that complement your product.

New Products
- La Brea Bakery Honey & Nut Snack Granola; EatSmart Potato Chips...
This month, we feature market introductions from La Brea Bakery, Snyder’s of Hanover, Stauffer’s and EB Performance. For a recap of items featured in previous issues of the magazine, visit www.SnackAndBakery.com.

Health Bites
- How Low Can You Go?; Putting Almonds Out to ‘Pasteur’...
A new study on type-2 diabetes, the government’s plans to pasteurize almonds and a book that names the world’s healthiest eats provide food for thought.

Engineering Management
- Say Watt?
Start saving the environment — not to mention some money — by inspecting the electrical overuses in your plant today. Columnist Jeff Dearduff tells you how.

Innovations In Equipment
- How to Make Those Incentives Count
Helen Lemmon and Charlie Masterson of Ryan & Co. reveal how financial incentives can fall through the cracks when not monitored correctly. How can your company benefit from government-issued credits?
- Diversity Training
With the demand for whole grain breads and rolls comes the need for mixers that can handle stiffer doughs. Check out what’s new in this part of the production process.
- Masipack N.A.; Mepaco...

SFA Section
- The Big Show, Texas-Style
SNAXPO 2008 promises to be big. Learn more about next year’s show, to be held in scenic San Antonio, Texas.
- President’s Letter
- Washington Report
- SFA’s October Double-Header

My 15 minutes
- Fanning the Fumes
Is there even a kernel of truth to news reports that microwave popcorn could kill? Managing editor Deborah Cassell sniffs out the answers.

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