Cover Story: 2008 Snack Manufacturer of the Year
- Powered by the People
Kettle Foods is governed by the interests of its constituents worldwide and a moral obligation to the environment, as evidenced by its annual People's Choice campaign and the company's sustainability practices. Find out how this Salem, Ore.-based potato chip producer came to be a household name through simple grassroots, guerilla marketing.

Plant Story
- Hot Potatoes
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery goes inside Kettle Foods' 65,000-sq.-ft. plant in Salem, Ore., where Kettle Brand potato chips are made, batch by batch, through a combination of automation and hand care. Also, read up on Kettle's facility in Beloit, Wis. How is this brand leader making its two North American plants cleaner and more cost-effective?

Industry News
- Industry Mourns Passing of Hinds-Bock Co-Founder
This month, we remember Jim Hinds, 75, who died last month from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; Also in this issue: BEMA recognizes lifetime achievers, and the American Society of Baking announces its 2008 Hall of Famers, among other breaking news stories.
- Business Briefs
- People

Market Trends
- Children of Corn
Tortilla chips are one source of whole grains for health-conscious snackers in our corn-driven society. Discover what's new from the category's top players.
- Ode to Frito-Lay's Finest

Editor's Note
- Three-for-One Sale
What do IBC and Flowers Foods have in common? Not much, notes editor Dan Malovany, who provides you with some free bonus columns.

Engineering Management
- Green Mechanics
Today, the grass really is greener — in bakeries, that is. Modern mechanics who bring their knowledge of “green” technology to the bakery will save wholesalers money while helping them do their part for the environment.

The ASB Column
- A Survivalist's Guide to Life
The 2008 edition of BakingTech will play host to numerous bakery engineers, as well as keynote speaker Yossi Ghinsberg, whose experiences in the Amazon taught him the keys to survival. Read our exclusive Q&A with Ghinsberg before attending the American Society of Baking's upcoming show, March 2-5, in Chicago.

My 15 Minutes
- Mangolicious
People and primates alike are chomping at the bit for Kettle Brand's new potato chip flavor. Plus: Managing editor Deborah Cassell shares a San Antonio memory, just in time for SNAXPO 2008.

Ingredient Technology
- New Products
What's on the menu this month? How about a new whole grain & honey bread, gluten-free fruit & veggie bars, caffeinated potato chips and bite-size sausages?
- Not Guilty
New fats and oils address demand for trans fat-free and low saturated fat alternatives for use in baked good and snack food applications.
- Ingredient Briefs
This month's featured companies include Danisco, Azteca Milling and Allied Blending & Ingredients.
- Health Bites
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a new Web site for mothers and moms-to-be, but that's not all. Also in this edition: a look at the Encyclopedia of Whole Foods Medicine and an update on sleeping pill safety.

Production Technology
- A Viscous Circle
Depositor technology has come a long way, such that modern machines can handle all types of dough and fruit both accurately and gently.
- Advertorial: Reiser - High-Speed Line Produces Variety of Breads and Rolls
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery's recent visit with Canton, Mass.-based Reiser revealed the latest in high-speed roll and bun dividers, among other advances. Here, corporate bakery accounts manager Ron Mullins offers up more details on how Reiser's multipurpose machines can help wholesale bakers.
- Advertorial: Arr-Tech - The World Is Flat
With the increase in demand for flatbreads of all varieties, Arr-Tech offers the technology to make counting and stacking product cheaper, more accurate, less wasteful and better all-around.
- Equipment Briefs
Check out new innovations from Masipack, Mettler-Toledo, Mepaco and many more.

SFA Section
- Politics, Business to Highlight Big Show
SNAXPO 2008 promises to be an exciting event, as headlining keynote speakers will attest. Get the scoop on this year's program before attending the show in San Antonio, Texas, March 1-4.
- In-Plant Food Safety Training Offered; Key Transportation Developments
- Chairman's Letter

SNAXPO 2008 Show Guide
- Exhibitor Profiles
- Exhibitor List

- SNAXPO 2008 Show Schedule
- Scenic San Antonio

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