Cover Story
- Rocky Mountain High
The veterans at Rocky Mountain Pies in Salt Lake City know their product well. In fact, most of the bakery's executives worked together at their old company, Western Country Pies. Today, the team custom-makes pies ranging from cherry to coconut cream with a hand-made look that separates the company from the competition.

Plant Story
- Home Sweet Home
Join Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery on a tour of Rocky Mountain Pies' 75,000-sq.-ft. plant, which produces an average of 25,000-35,000 pies per day on a single shift. Find out why working at the bakery was like going home again for many of the employees at this company.

Market Trends
- Twist of Fate
Today's pretzels go beyond mere salted varieties to include whole grain, peanut butter-filled, and yogurt- and chocolate-dipped creations that meet consumers' desire for sweet-meets-salty snacks.

- Speak Out or Shut Up
The snack and baking industries are banding together to march on Washington, D.C., to find a solution to rising wheat prices. Dan Malovany urges everyone speak out. Tell them you're mad as hell, and you're not going to take it anymore.

Engineering Management
- No Pouch, No Tools, No Service
Don't leave home without them: Today's mechanics can learn something from their predecessors about the importance of keeping their tools close at hand, says columnist Jeff Dearduff.

The ASB Column
- Lessons From a Legend
American Society of Baking Hall of Fame inductee Charles W.H. Matthaei shares his views on the state of the industry, rising commodity costs and how whole grains are changing the face of today's bakery products.

My 15 Minutes
- French Connection
Outgoing managing editor Deborah Cassell says au revoir to readers … but not before regaling them with a description of Portland, Ore., boulangerie St. Honoré, home of her friend Faith's favorite French pastry: the canalet.

Ingredient Technology
New Products
- Herr's Blue Kettle Chips; Little Debbie Sugar-Free Wafers...
This month, check out blue potato chips from Herr Foods, sugar-free snacks from McKee Foods and whole grain Pop-Tarts, among others.

Ingredient Technology
- Nature's Powerhouses
Consumer demand is on the rise for baked goods and snacks that contain fruits and nuts featuring antioxidants and other healthful nutrients that make them better for you.

Advertorial - California Raisins
- Raisin Headlines!
In the news: The California Raisin Marketing Board has a series of sponsorships and programs lined up for 2008. Read all about it!

Ingredient briefs
- Caravan Ingredients; Cargill Texturing Solutions...
A bakery mix from Caravan Ingredients, a gums brochure from Cargill Texturizing Solutions and two salt replacers from Advanced Food Systems are the featured innovations.

Ingredient Technology
- After-School Snacks
Check out a school box full of chocolate treats, read the results of a poll about what worries kids, and learn how nutrition contributes to good oral hygiene, even in toddlers.

Advertorial - Cereal Ingredients
- The Right Bites
New Nutri-Bites from inclusions innovator Cereal Ingredients, Inc., add whole grain goodness to baked goods and snacks.

Production Technology
- Separate But Not Equal
Micro and macro ingredient handling equipment can help produce organic and all-natural baked goods with ease.

Production Technology
Equipment Briefs
- Burford Corp.; CSB-System International, Inc. ...
Brush up on the lastest system from Heat and Control, Rondo Doge, Burford and other technology leaders.

Advertorial - Bush Leasing
- New Lease on Life
Looking for an independent distribution operator? Turn to Bush Truck Leasing, whose comprehensive program includes numerous services for bakeries and snack producers nationwide.

SFA Section
- Day in D.C. Spring Summit
The Snack Food Association is calling upon all SFA member companies to join in its efforts May 13-14 in Washington, D.C., to engage representatives on Capitol Hill in the face of today's grain cost crisis, among other top issues.
- President's Letter
- SFA Outlines Key Summit Issues
- USDA Launches Corporate Challenge on Nutrition

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