Ethically responsible companies catering to health-conscious consumers and clean-label premium products are top trends in chocolate, says Lu Anne Williams, head of market research at Innova Market Insights.

Williams says that there’s been more emphasis on clean-label products in the past several years with some claiming to be “pure” or true to nature.” Simple labels can convey authenticity, she says, as do short and simple ingredients declarations. “Everybody is looking at sustainability now and some kind of ethical claim,” she adds.

Consumers demand that companies do something better for the environment, she says. “It’s not a choice anymore.”

Location is key. Consumers want to know where their food comes from, Williams says. Communicating country of origin began some time ago, but manufacturers should make the origins prominent on packaging. Premium is also a buzzword that isn’t going away. “It’s a very important trend and it’s going to become even more important,” she says.

Other factors include the senior market, which will triple between 2009 and 2050, and adding dark chocolate with high antioxidant content.

Source: www.prnewswire