Graybill topping applicator

Lititz, PA – May 18, 2012 -  Apply toppings to your products in a neat pattern with very little waste using the Graybill Pattern Topping Applicator.  Delicate toppings such as chocolate curls, pecan pieces, and candy pieces that will greatly enhance your product appearance can be applied without damaging the pieces.  Round, elliptical, square, rectangular, shaped deposit patterns are easily done.  Registration adjustment while running, quick changeover, and easy wash out are standard features when this servo-driven applicator is installed on Graybill’s Dean Process Machines. 

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Since 1944, Graybill Machines has specialized in designing and building customized, innovative machinery from concept to solutions - for confectionery, bakery, and snack food manufacturers.  Graybill delivers well-crafted success stories on stainless-steel foundations.  The veteran-owned and operated company is located in Lancaster County, Pa.