The Grain Foods Foundation, Ridgway, Colo., names Christine Cochran executive director. Currently president of the Commodity Markets Council (CMC), Washington, D.C., Cochran has managed high-profile public relations campaigns pertaining to commodity market issues and represented commodity related businesses in grain, energy, metals and livestock. Cochran succeeds Judi Adams at the helm of GFF.

“The Grain Foods Foundation is very excited to bring on board an incredibly bright, talented and dynamic leader to aggressively promote the nutritional benefits of grain foods to key influencer communities. Ms. Cochran has the management style and skills to lead GFF in this challenging environment,” says GFF co-chair Breck Barton of Cereal Food Processors. “From her family’s wheat farm in Kansas to her agriculture economics degree from the University of Missouri, connections in the industry and as a working mom, Ms. Cochran brings a host of excellent qualifications to this important leadership role.”

“The grain foods industry faces multiple challenges today, from fad diets and soft demand to growing confusion by key influencers and policymakers, especially regarding healthy enriched products,” adds GFF co-chair Allen Shiver of Flowers Foods. “I am confident Ms. Cochran will apply her keen strategic perspective and infectious energy to move the needle with influencers and ultimately consumers. She is a passionate believer in our products and will work tirelessly on our behalf.”

“GFF’s target audience is moms who are the primary shoppers for their households,” explains GFF marketing committee chair Nan Redmond of Pepperidge Farm. “Beyond her other impressive credentials, Christine is the target audience. She understands the influencers that moms look to for nutritional information and guidance. I am very excited to work with Christine to continue upgrading our efforts on behalf of the grain foods industry.”

According Barton and Shiver, “GFF is committed to effectively influence behavior in the current nutrition environment and optimize its value to grain industry members. It is sharpening its focus on clear measurable goals and increasing proactivity in issues management, marketing and public relations.”

In August, GFF will co-locate its office with ABA’s office in Washington. The foundation says that this will position GFF closer to many key influencer organizations with which it hopes to work more closely.