Nibbles, San Francisco, recently introduced customizable snack boxes that people can “pack” online and have shipped to them. Consumers can choose four items per snack box at and have the box shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. with free, two-day shipping.

Each snack is three to four servings, with a total of 16 serving sizes per box. According to the company, the mixes are created with “only the freshest organic and all-natural ingredients that are sourced mostly from local food producers and manufacturers.”

Some of available snacks are Chocolate Pretzel (chocolate sea salt cashews, oat bran pretzel nibs and dark raisins), Sunflower Fields (roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, organic soy nuts, jalapeño pistachios and roasted almonds), Apple Pecan Pie (apples, pecan halves and golden raisins), Wasabi Almonds (wasabi-coated almonds) and Cran Pecan Explosion (cranberries, 75% cacao dark chocolate rounds and pecans).

“We all came from offices where candy bars, sugar-filled sweets and coffee were the snacks that got us through the day,” said Irina Tagintseva, founder and “chief nibbler” at Nibbles. “We need good, healthy food to fuel our bodies and help us live more productive lives. Nibbles was created to provide a healthy and delicious alternative to the sugar crash. Our future product road map includes things like olives and custom breads. We are really passionate about bringing the best healthy alternatives to your typical office cookies and candies.”

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