Elyse Buckley studied abroad last year and had an internship with Flowers Foods in 2009. There, she spent time on a production line and in research and development to gain more knowledge of the baking industry.

She will continue with her bakery studies and offer her observations and impressions of an education in baking through the pages of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery and on our website and other digital products.

"I am excited to have been granted the opportunity to write as a student columnist for Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery. The extension of a student column is a gracious offer,” Buckley says. “I appreciate experiences such as this that the food industry offers in support of students preparing to enter the workplace and establish a career. I find writing a column to be an excellent avenue for communicating interesting, pertinent information learned in class with readers and professional development.”

Buckley will be discussing her observations, studies and classes from a student’s perspective and what she is discovering about the baking and snack food industries. In February, she takes a look at how snacks are evolving and various snack extrusion processes. Don’t miss it!